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Helping Your Partner To Relax


We all know that relaxation is essential for our health. But it is, of course, also essential for the health of your relationship. If your partner is stressed, grouchy and anxious, then it is very hard to enjoy being with them. The relationship is bound to suffer because if one of you is tense, both of you will be tense, to some degree. This leads inevitably to arguments, negative thinking and distance between you growing.  



You may say that it’s up to your partner to sort out their own relaxation, and that’s true. But you’ll be doing yourself a favour if you give the right encouragement and support. There’s no need to make yourself responsible for them, and of course it’s best to avoid nagging!  So be clever about it – lead by example and make tactful suggestions. Once you’ve started the ball rolling it will get easier.

    If your schedule is busy and you come home exhausted at the end of a crammed day, the last thing you may feel like doing is exercising. However, you probably need it now more than anything. Unless your job is physical, your exhaustion is doubtlessly mostly mental, and once you get moving you’ll feel great.  If your partner sees that you are geared for action, chances are they’ll be inspired. Pick something you can both enjoy – maybe dog-walking, a joint trip to the gym or a bike ride.  Just half an hour spent this way will unwind you both 

    Going off to a room by yourself, lighting candles and playing soft music may seem like too much trouble, and could also feel like shutting your partner out. It’s so much better to settle together to practice mindfulness or meditation. With two of you raising your state of consciousness the subtle atmosphere in the room will be changed more powerfully. You may find you meditate more deeply and that you share an unspoken bond. Certainly all the cares of the world will fade from you both 

    Positive thinking, when it is genuine, is very powerful, for what you think about you eventually manifest. Share visualisation with your partner, building a picture together of how your lives are going to be. This is a lovely use of energy and will soothe all your partners worries in a flow of optimism 

    Can you share your spirituality with your loved one? Not all couples have this bond, but if you do, make sure you affirm it regularly.  Speak of your beliefs, pray, chant or do rituals together if at all possible. This will lift you out of the everyday and enable you both to get – and keep – a more serene perspective 

    You and your dear one may believe that it’s better to leave work at work, and not talk about it at home. If this is possible, great.  However, it’s far more likely that your partner will be bottling up their anxieties and just pretending to put them out of mind. This can add to the strain and be very damaging. So, at the end of the day set aside some time to spill it all and have a moan. If there is a problem, share it and look for ways round it. Things are so much easier when they’re shared and together you can overcome anything 

    Hopefully you share your partner’s humour but even if you don’t, encourage them to have a giggle. Sit them down in front of their favourite comedy show, or get them to remember things that have happened, that make them laugh. There’s nothing better for mind and body than a good chortle! 
Sometimes however hard you try, getting your partner to relax can be very difficult.  Maybe the issues are too deep, and they need more help. That’s when you owe it to yourself to get support. Dating Advice and Relationship Advice are available with a few clicks, when you contact us at TheCircle.  Your partner may benefit with a Reading from one of our experts. Find clarity with your Love issues, get your Relationship Horoscope or benefit from Psychic Reading insight. There’s no need to cope with your worries alone – put in a call today
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