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Feminine Power to Transform Your Love Life


Is your relationship going through a tricky patch? Read our Love Psychics tips below to embrace your feminine power and allure your man back.


Love is what makes the world go around and is probably one of the most important things in life to everyone. We all want to be in a strong, loving relationship that is long-lasting and the ultimate ‘true love’. It’s safe to assume, that no relationship is perfect. In fact, most relationships have up’s and down’s, despite how strong the love. A good relationship is built on the foundation of mutual respect and flowing communication but sometimes problems can start when partners are not communicating properly. Perhaps it’s true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t live in complete harmony! If your relationship is suffering and you’re not sure what to do, then read our empowering tips below from our Love Psychics. Embrace your feminine power and improve your love life from today.
If passion, fun times and laughter has gone out the window, then you need to take action…

When He’s Distant…

Do you feel like your man is being distance or feel like you’re not connecting or communicating properly? A feeling of distance can happen in relationships for many reasons, but your thoughts may be going into overdrive, panicking that your man doesn’t want to be with you anymore. If passion, fun times and laughter has gone out the window, then you need to take action and use your feminine powers to reconnect. Book a table reservation at your favourite restaurant, plan a weekend away, cook his favourite meal, invest in some new lingerie and spice up your relationship between the sheets! If this doesn’t seem to make much difference, then your man may be worrying about something which he is not communicating to you. If he’s struggling to open up and you don’t know what to do, then talk to a Love Psychic and get insight on how he’s feeling so you can help him.
Everyone deserves a strong, loving relationship and nobody deserves to be treated badly…

You Keep Arguing…

Relationships are always going to have the occasional argument which is often seen to be healthy because it means that you are communicating how you feel. However, if you seem to be arguing a lot, then you will no doubt be feeling exhausted, fed up and low in confidence for your relationship. Women are generally more open than men. If we have a worry or concern, we talk about it openly with our partner, friends or family, we let off steam, get it off our chest, maybe have a cry – then feel a bit better. But remember, men are from Mars and they are much more covert about their emotions. If your relationship has got to the point when it has become verbally or worse, physically abusive, then you need to use your feminine power to be strong and walk away. Everyone deserves a strong, loving relationship and nobody deserves to be treated badly. Love Psychics can give you supportive and empowering guidance to help you feel positive and move forward with your life.
We don’t expect a superhero, we just want a man who is open, loving and supportive…

No More Venting!

Most men are naturally hardwired to be the strong, supportive types who will not want to voice how they’re feeling if it means getting emotional, especially if he thinks it could make him look weak. But this is modern times, and whether you are man or woman, you should feel comfortable voicing your concerns and having an opinion. As women, we don’t expect a superhero, we just want a man who is open, loving and supportive. However, if your way of getting your point across is criticising him, screaming and shouting, you are really not helping the situation. You will be destroying his confidence not only in himself but also in his view of your relationship, plus he may be losing respect for you. Don’t push him away, learn to talk calmly. If you feel angry, step outside for a short walk and think about what you need to say and how you can do it in a calmer manner.
One of the secrets to rekindling a love relationship is learning to flirt again…

Rekindling Your Relationship


Use your feminine power to think about how you can draw your man close again. Think about your body language, because - even if he doesn’t know anything about body language; we all instinctively tune in to it. Choose the right words that resonate with him, lure him with flattery and compliments, be girly and feminine around him to seduce him and he will take notice. Be affectionate, tender in your actions and words, and show how devoted you are to him. Inspire him to express his feelings by expressing yours in a gentle and loving way. Not only will he relax, give in to your powers and be drawn closer to you, it will also give you both a boost in your own confidence and sexiness around each other. One of the secrets to rekindling a love relationship is learning to flirt again and using your energy to bring a positive transformation.



Do You Stay or Do You Go?


If you don’t know how to improve your relationship, feel that you have lost your feminine power or have strongly considered ending the relationship for good, then talk to our Love Psychics. Sometimes, we need a little guidance to show us our path ahead. Love relationships can go through some extremely difficult times, but they can get through it and have a stronger connection than ever before. If you have made up your mind to leave your relationship but not sure what the next step is, then our experienced Love Psychics will be able to give you empowering insight. Speak to the UK’s most gifted Readers at TheCircle and take control of your love life today.


PUBLISHED: 14 July 2017

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