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Do You Bring Out The Best In Each Other?

Really positive relationships enable each person to feel good and to develop themselves while keeping the loving contact intact. Does your relationship come up to the mark? And how can you make it better?
Find out about:
  • Signs that you’re bringing out the best in the other
  • Showing appreciation
  • Truly helping your partner
  • Nurturing romance




  • You feel the other person really perceives you as an individual and understands your personality
  • You are appreciated and admired for what you are good at and what you achieve
  • When you’re struggling you receive support, encouragement and, where possible, constructive help
  • You go to your partner for advice, and they come to you
  • Your partner takes your needs and the direction of your life path into consideration when making plans for the future
  • Disagreements are aired openly and discussed without either of you losing your temper
  • However cross you are, you never insult or deliberately hurt the other
  • You feel truly loved, even when you’re going through problems as a couple
  • You truly love your partner and feel your heart open towards them, even when they’re being irritating
  • There are lots of things you share and build/develop together
  • Each of you has time apart, to pursue your own concerns
  • You trust each other
  • You feel safe to show your difficult side and deeds and emotions that you might conceal from others
  • You never feel judged by your partner
  • You like impressing your partner – you get a kick out of it
  • You get a buzz from witnessing your partner doing something really well
  • You both have a sense of humour about issues in life and between you
  • When it feels like the whole world is against you, you know that you can come home to a loving welcome, a shoulder to cry on and, when the time is right, a firm push to get out and get on with it again
A great relationship will supply all of this some of the time and some of it all of the time. Few relationships, if any, do all of this all of the time. Others are better in some areas than others. For instance, some couples are supportive when their dear one is down but may feel threatened by their success. Appreciation and help are the keys to so much.


When you live with someone it’s easy to get into habits and to take each other for granted. When your lover takes out the rubbish or empties the dishwasher, notice they have done this and say ‘Thanks’ even if it was their turn anyway.
Pay regular, sincere compliments. Tell them when they look nice, have made a lovely meal or have remembered some little thing you asked them to do. Leave little notes in their lunch-box or on their pillow reminding them how special you think they are.
From your point of view, let your dear one know how much it means to you to be complimented and when it happens say ‘Thank you, that makes me feel great!’. As time goes by you can build up a habit of being positive that will lift you both.


See your lover as an individual. He or she may be quite different from you in several ways. Many couples want to believe they are very similar, but this can turn into a ‘gruesome twosome’ in which neither feels free and each may encourage the other into being negative. You may be very different as people but this can make the relationship better, rather than more difficult. You just need to have open eyes and respect.
What really makes your dear one happy? It’s surprising how many people never ask themselves this, thinking instead of ways they can mould their lover into what they think is right! As a couple you should talk openly about what you want and what makes you happy. Then, where possible – and without trying to take control – do your bit to make this happen.


In the early days of your relationship, just after you met, the chances are you were so loved up you could see no fault in your dear one. You worshipped the ground they walked on and you were walking on air! As time goes by this is bound to change, but do not accept the fact these heady days are gone.
Keep the magic going in your partnership by having special times together. Stay in bed late, making love and eating chocolate, go for leisurely walks round your old haunts, arrange little surprises, take care of your appearance and dress up for them sometimes.
Shared intimacy and a little romance will enrich you both and make those times when things grate so much easier to get through.


We’ve looked at a long list of the factors in a relationship where you bring out the best in each other, so these can give you something to focus on. We’ve also learned about showing appreciation, being helpful and nurturing the attraction between you. This should help you bring out the best in your lover and also encourage them to bring out the best in you.


PUBLISHED: 12 April 2018

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