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Five Tips to Celebrate the Full Moon this Valentine's Day


The Full Moon brings high emotion and romance.  Research has shown that life on Earth responds to the Moon, and Full Moon is a ‘happening’ time, when lots comes to fruition.  This year it just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day itself!  Even if the Moon is hidden behind clouds, she is still tugs our hearts, so be wise and use this influence productively.






Now is not the time for self-denial.  If you try too hard to repress your needs you could find that you go to the other extreme, so why not have your favourite treat?  You can share this with someone special, but going solo is also okay.  Make an occasion of it, even if it’s just your fave chocolate bar.  Sit comfortably, and be truly present in the moment as you savour every second. 





The Moon rules the Watery element especially, so use water as a deep-cleanse for your emotions.  You can do this as a prelude to going out, or in preparation for a snuggly night in.  Run a warm tub, with some essence of lavender, and surround your bathroom with as many candles as you like – so much the better if you can see the flames reflected in the water.  Lower yourself into the welcoming bubbles and as you soak affirm that all negative thoughts (especially about yourself) are being drawn out and sweetened by the lavender.  Feel yourself becoming lighter, more buoyant, and ask that the Moon enable you to move on and evolve, as she moves on in her cycle.  No need to linger in the bath – get out as soon as you feel ready and enjoy the rest of the evening.





As Queen of the Waters, the pull of the Moon can be felt especially by the sea, but it is also present in lakes and rivers.  Tuning in to the cosmic tides is a way of getting everything in life in proportion and of feeling a part of something much greater than ourselves.  Gaze at the waters and feel the boundaries of your being expand, as you become aware of all the possibilities in life.  Be joyful!





Being with a lover is great, but Full Moon is also a time for friends.  Don’t be alone just because you’re not hitched.  Raise a toast to the Moon with a few mates and talk about your successes and plans (moaning not allowed!)





Burn a white candle and write your wish on a large leaf or twig (initials will do).  Imagine your wish being brought into being by moon-ruled cosmic forces.  Take your leaf/twig out and toss it into a stream/lake/ocean.  The tides will bring your wish into your life.  Remember you can always talk about your dreams and desires with our caring readers at The Circle.

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