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Four Changes You Can Make To Attract Your Life Partner


From the wealthiest celebrity down to the most humble of us, top of the list of most people’s requirements for happiness is having the right partner to love and be loved by. Sometimes this can be very difficult, however, and you may not understand why your dreams of romance so often end in heartbreak and disappointment.
Something has to change, so follow these four steps and see what happens.
Learn about:
  • Taking A Reality Check
  • Working On Yourself
  • Focusing Your Mind
  • Taking Action


People have always fantasised about a prince or princess who rides into their life and makes it magical. However, with the celebrity culture of today, it’s even more tempting to let yourself be led into La-la land. Don’t be deceived!
No real person can live up to film-star standards – even a film star! Everyone has bad hair days and BO, everyone gets grumpy, and sometimes the most beautiful people are the most boring. Besides, chemistry doesn’t depend only on good looks, so abandon your ideas of physical perfection – your own and anyone else’s – if you seriously want to find The One.
Remind yourself also that no-one else can actually make you happy. Contentment and fulfillment come from within. Yes, a good relationship is a wonderful gift on your life path, but it won’t sweep away all problems and self-doubts. Nor will it erase the past. So get to work on self-healing and self-appreciation.
Relationships can certainly provide ecstatic times, but they are also to help you learn about yourself and are often a mirror for elements that are within you. Of course, you don’t have to be totally sorted before you join the Dating Game, but a little work on yourself will be much more help than designer labels, so see below.


Ask yourself – are you really someone that another person would want to spend their life with? Are you really able to give commitment, support and unconditional love to another? If not, it’s not a bad thing but it does indicate that the time isn’t right for you now.
They say like attracts like and that’s often the case. If you want to be with a person who’s kind, caring, reasonably successful, clean and tidy, well – be that person yourself.
Do you have significant hang-ups, maybe from a difficult past? Get help to clarify and heal these because if you bring them into a relationship expecting them to be made better all you’re doing is dragging in a burden that may ruin things.
And what do you really want? Forget the fairy tale and be clear about the sort of person who would make your life happy and fulfilling. What are your priorities? These go deeper than home and children – they are about what makes you tick.  Any partner must share and support these, if you’re to get along.


Just dreaming, getting all moody and discontented, lonely and full of longing – what good does that do? Instead, clarify your dreams, so you’re focusing on meeting the person whose going to make them real. Do not be too prescriptive about exact appearance and characteristics – focus on how this person makes you feel.
Visualise and control your day-dreaming. Get in the habit of meditating. Go to bed at night and tell yourself you’re going to dream about the person who is right for you. Whenever you start going down, pull yourself up sternly, tell yourself your life partner is just around the corner, and imagine better – don’t wallow in self-pity.
This will take patience and persistence, but what you’re doing is creating a magnet for your perfect-as-possible partner, when the time is right.


Sometimes in life, love really does land on your doorstep, or appear beside you at the supermarket, but mostly not. Finding a partner takes effort, so don’t trust to ‘Fate’ because it may need a hand. In any case, how can Fate find you, if you’re holed up inside?
Pursue your interests, get out and about, join Internet dating sites and make the best of yourself in all practical ways. You’ve done the groundwork and planted the seeds, so give your romance potential its chance to blossom.
Rest assured, it really can happen to you!



Now you can feel reassured that there are true changes you can make to attract your life partner. Take a reality check, work on yourself, dream positively and take action – all of this is within your grasp. However, a little encouragement and advice will help you get on track to that fulfilling romance more quickly, so phone one of our perceptive Readers and hear something that is individual and helpful to you.



PUBLISHED: 06 June 2018

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