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Why do men run away?


You've met a wonderful man, he makes you feel special, you have great fun together, the sex is incredible and he can't seem to get enough of you. He calls and texts you every day for weeks, months and then suddenly, out of the blue he starts pulling away for no reason.

We've all been there but why do men run away and how can we prevent it from happening? Relationship expert Sherron Mayes dishes out some surefire tips to keep your man interested.


We all remember the heady excitement you feel in the 'honeymoon' period. That's the early stage in a relationship, where he seems so addicted to you, wanting to spend every minute with you and never to be apart from you. He makes you feel like you are the centre of his universe.


Then, it may be weeks or months later, instead of your heart beating with anticipation; it’s replaced by a worrying anxiety. He calls less and he seems distracted and bored as you chatter on about your day. You panic and suddenly you are the one initiating contact in the hope that he doesn't forget about you. Until finally it's as if you have to beg for his attention as he spends weekends with his friends drinking instead with you. You hate to admit it, but the truth is he's no longer interested.


Tips to help you keep a man keen


The answer is every man is different but don't despair, here are 5 key tips to help you keep a man keen:

  • Don't get complacent and fall into a boring rut because you've snared him. You need to keep making that effort in your appearance and be spontaneous rather than roast dinner every Sunday.
  • Keep the challenge up. In the book 'The Rules' by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, they say 'men were the primitive hunters and they thrive on challenge. It's written in their DNA. Don't chase after them. Let them do the running.
  • Keep yourself socially active in your life rather than making your life fit around him. Then he will feel you are a prize he has to work towards keeping because you're not available at the drop of a hat.
  • Get to know a man better before you become intimate so you know whether he's just after one thing or he wants more.
  • Know your value, ask yourself what are you getting out of this relationship? If he's in the wrong space in his life and is not ready for a serious relationship then don't stay waiting for things to change – you are worth more.

If you are not sure what to do at this stage, speak to family and friends for their opinion. And remember our love & relationship experts are available 24/7 for love advice to bring a deeper understanding through a psychic reading.


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