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It’s February and a time when our thoughts naturally turn to love.  As John Lennon once said ‘Love is the answer!’  Embrace the power of love this month, welcome it and discover how this wondrous feeling can transform your life.


There are many types of love - passionate love, love of your family, your friends, your pets, even of humanity. Love is a very strong and powerful emotion that is all around us, if we just take the time to look. The love of nature in recognising the beauty of a snowdrop peeping through grass; the love and consideration of a neighbour who de-icers your windscreen as they did theirs; the joy felt receiving a phone call from a close relative or friend you’venot seen for a long time; the relief when a stranger hands you your purse you just dropped behind you. If you recognise these small acts of love, share and respond to them and your everyday life will be filled with love.

Love is a universal language that we can all give and receive if we open our hearts, but it’s not easy for everyone, so how can you welcome love? 
To embrace love, you need to love and care about yourself first. You might attract loving people to you, but unless you are able to open your heart to them, you won’t be able to maintain loving relationships easily. Learn to love yourself by focussing on all the positive things about you and the people you care about. Treat yourself with respect and indulge in experiences that make you feel good and don’t be afraid to put yourself first sometimes. Show people you love them with gestures and express your feelings openly and you will soon receive love in return. This will help you to radiate positivity and draw love into your life.
Even a simple action like smiling at the people around you, or giving a helping hand, can give yourself and others a lift. Be generous with your feelings and emotions and allow the energy of love to flow through you. The more love you show to others, the more you will receive in return and help you bring more love into your life.
Try not to allow any negative thoughts or feelings to get in the way of your conquest to find love.  There will always be some negative aspects around us, most of which we can’t control or resolve, so there is no purpose in dwelling on them. You are in control of your thoughts, so push any negative ones out of your mind and focus only on love and the good qualities in people.  Try to spend time with positive, loving people. Their actions will be uplifting and infectious, which will help you to embrace and share these feelings with others.  Harness the energy of love and carry out a loving gesture every day. No matter how small, it will be appreciated by the recipient and help spread this good feeling to others.
Love is all around us and is the most powerful emotion that we can all share – so open your heart, welcome it into your life and let love bring you the happiness you deserve.
TheCircle’s psychic Readers are experts in focusing on the positivity and love around them to allow their gift to flow through them to you.
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PUBLISHED: 28 January 2015

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