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Love within the family for your children


The love between you both creates new life and your family grows. This is the dream for many of us and there is much ‘richness’ and new experiences for those who make this choice. However, the reality can be a little different from the dream, and parents find themselves regularly coping with the unexpected.



If you are blessed with children, then the question arises on whether you complete your family with one, or you forge ahead and have more. Can you cope with more than one child? Can you manage financially? If you have more than one, what if they don’t get on? Only you both know what feels right for you and how you both ‘see’ your family unit.


. Each person in your family unit, is just that, a unique person with individual traits. Now the fun starts! The love you have between the two of you expands and develops to encompass your child, or children


Love can sometimes be tested as character traits, needs and perspectives clash and emotions rise. A common loving bond and agreement between parents on how issues are handled is a great foundational stone to spring from. ‘They’ always say never work with children and animals, and the same can be said in families. You never, ever quite know what your little ones will present you with. Widened eyes and silent cries of ‘You’ve done what???’ become commonplace for parents. It is a parental skill to stay one step ahead!


There is a great deal to be said for individual space and support of individual talents. Two children, where one likes to quietly colour and the other plays adventure games whilst dashing about the house in a tea-towel for a cape, present different challenges. Carving out space, time and recognition for each individual in your family unit is a skill parent’s master. It also helps if you, as parents, can take time for each other too within the demands of family life. Everyone touched with the loving wand of recognition will feel their place within your family unit. They instinctively know that they matter and that the ‘family love’ is shared evenly.


Every family, no matter how their unit is made up, may sometimes face challenges where new thoughts and guidance are needed. Nerves get frayed, tiredness sets in and answers are not coming easily.


A loving fresh perspective can be found during a clairvoyant reading, and it also gives you a chance to voice your own thoughts in a time that is just for you.

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