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When we talk about 'long distance relationships', we think about marriages and couples; but the term 'relationship' doesn't just apply to people those very specific instances. A relationship can be anything that involves two people knowing and caring about each other.

This can include a friend, a sibling, a child or even a parent. Regardless of the particular kind of relationship or whether you are moving or staying, separations of this kind are always difficult. They are difficult because of the contexts in which they happen. People move away more frequently as we get older which means that the change is far more difficult to deal with: the longer someone is a major part of your life, the more difficult their absence is to deal with, whether it's a friend, a relative or someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.



Top tips to keep connected


  • Make a regular arrangement to call or even better Skype to stay in touch
  • Share experiences and photos with via email or social network sites to still be part of each other’s lives
  • Little presents and gift packages are always wonderful surprises
  • Letters are personal and give you time to draft a personal message that shows you care
  • Tell them how much you love them but always end any call upbeat and positive

Whenever a change like this occurs, or is on the verge of occurring, the prospect of separation can be very daunting for all parties involved. The idea of having a friend, who has always been by your side and has always helped you through hard times, leave and suddenly not be available at the drop of a hat, is more than scary. As a parent, there is nothing more intimidating than letting your child go – they're thrown into the world, to face the ultimate test of their independence, and all they have is the preparation you've supplied them with. You can't help but feel you could have done more, but you just have to let go. This is an aspect of long distance relationships that our psychics can help with – they can give you an insight into how your child's life away from home and areas of life in which more preparation is needed.

The same is true of a friendship that is coming to a close due to a relocation; a psychic reading can shed light on how to get the most out of your relationship from afar and how best to enjoy the time you have left in each other's company.

Even staying in touch and using our top tips, it can still feel as though a part of your life is being taken away. Our psychic readers can help you make that connection and advice on any difficult questions you may have. Don’t feel alone call for practical advice and a sympathetic ear today.


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