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Is your man a hot or cold lover?


The beginning of a new relationship can be wonderful. Your new man is attentive, intense and passionate. Eagerly waiting for the next date you get eyestrain waiting for the next text or phone call. It seems forever, no communication, nothing, not a peek. Feeling humiliated and vulnerable, the temptation is to send a text or call him.


Did you say something wrong, have halitosis, or is he just a jerk?

Step back from the mobile and realize there are many reasons for this dysfunctional behaviour. Your mission is to be with a man who is consistent, not persistently changeable.Some men are just not ready for an adult relationship, their emotional attention span is sadly limited. You will soon discover it has to be all about them, whether they are playing the role of Casanova or the helpless victim that freezes when he gets close to someone. Walk away from them as they will destroy you.


The thrill of the chase is an addiction for other men. As soon as they have bludgeoned you with their questionable charms they are off to hunt some other poor unfortunate woman. If you become more involved with them have no doubt that you will become the mother figure for them which gives them carte blanche to play around with other women. They are quite happy to toy with your feelings and leave you emotionally drained.


There are men who can never make up their mind and don’t have the courage to make a committed relationship or set you free. They don’t want anybody else to have you, but play emotional yo-yo’s to keep you where they want you.


Occasionally a man can be terrified of feeling vulnerable and in love. Unless you are truly psychic it is really hard to understand why he is running for the hills after a declaration of love! Hopefully he will get a grip, man up and become more mature.


Once your man has committed the sin of being AWOL resist the temptation to make excuses for him. It’s hardball time. When he stops communicating, so do you. Wait for a few days before replying to his text and make him sweat if you think he is worth it. Playing their game will give you control and empower you. Perhaps completely ignoring him will really consolidate your position. Think about dating other men, after all, there are so many decent men out there that are more deserving of your attention. Don’t let the hot and cold brigade grind you down. You ARE worth it!


Check out your hot date with one of our psychics today. They can tell you if he is the right one for you. Always have an open mind when you’re planning to indulge in a psychic reading.

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