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Heartache, Heartbreak and Moving on with Your Life


It’s likely that each of us will suffer from heartbreak at some point during our lives. Those initial feelings of loss, intense sadness and pain are never pleasant but nor will they last forever.

Going through a break up is horrible no matter whether you know it was the right or not. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, a break up can feel like a bereavement and, in some ways, it can almost seem harder to deal with, as the person is still there but you’re not with them.

Things will get better

The main thing to remember is that, as clich├ęd as it sounds, things will get better. See a break up as a bit like a broken bone which will hurt, a lot, and cause you grief but which will heal in time.

Allow yourself a day or two of grieving


To help yourself heal faster there are things you can do, but first allow yourself a day or two of grieving. Enlist your best friend or a close family member to join you so you’re not alone. For some people sitting in PJs, eating ice-cream and watching their favourite sitcom can be a great comfort. For others, simply meeting a good friend for a coffee, shedding a few tears and having a good chat can be beneficial. It’s important to allow yourself time to grieve. Some people may feel tempted to jump straight back into life and ignore the pain they are feeling. However, this may provide a false sense of security, allowing the pain to simply resurface later down the line. 

Of course, once the initial stages of grief have passed it’s important to start moving on with your life.

Carrying on with your life after a breakup can feel like you are missing a part of yourself, but it can actually be a very positive way of re-discovering yourself. The only thing you need to concentrate on is you.

There is no reason why you can’t throw yourself into life. Take on a new project, join a running club, squash club, knitting club, start evening classes in psychic Tarot and Spanish and say yes to every single invitation you get. Not only will this keep you busy, but it will reignite your passion in life.

Socialising and taking part in new activities will also widen your social circle and at some point down the line this might be how you end up meeting someone new.

New chapter of your life


A good way to think of a breakup is as a new chapter in your life. It’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself as an individual rather than as a couple and is a life experience which can make you richer as a person.

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