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5 Subtle Signs that Prove He's Definitely Your Mr Right


You may have been lucky enough to have found your Mr Right, or you might be with an amazing man who you think could be The One. If you’ve been dating for several weeks now and things are going well, but you want to know he’s Mr Right, and not just Mr Right Now then look out for these 5 sure-fire signs that he could be The One.



1. He makes you laugh

Being able to make you laugh is often the bedrock of a good relationship. It’s important to feel relaxed in each other’s company and it’s a good sign if he’s able to cheer you up with a joke or two. Relationships aren’t about being serious all the time, particularly at the beginning, so being able to have fun and lose your inhibitions is sure to make for a fulfilling relationship.


2. Your friends like him

 Although falling in love is a very personal choice it helps if your friends accept your new partner as well. After all, your friends have known you the longest and are likely to know straight away if he’s a good fit. What’s more, it means you don’t have to separate your friendships from your relationship. Your friends may feel a little deserted if you start spending all your time with your new man, so being able to organise nights out and social gatherings as a group can help maintain your friendships as well as being an important step in your new relationship.


3. Gut feeling

Gut feeling goes a long way in deciding whether someone is right for you. Sometimes it’s those inexplicable butterflies in your stomach which are a sure fire way of signalling you’ve found ‘Mr Right’. Alternatively, you may feel emotions on a more spiritual level. Visiting clairvoyants, or other types of spiritual guides, may have given you insight into the significance of your new relationship. 


4. Sharing common interests

Sharing hobbies and interests gives a basic common ground for your relationship as well as helping you choose activities which you can share. This kind of compatibility is important for a relationship to flourish. However, there is nothing wrong with having a few differences as well. Being able to learn new things from one another can be a fulfilling part of your relationship.


5. You find him attractive

Of course, looks are certainly not the be all and end all of a relationship - being able to connect with your new man on a personal level is extremely important. However, finding him attractive can help to keep that spark alive even after those first few months of bliss.

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