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Finding independence within your relationship.


It is very natural at the start of a relationship to lose yourself in a loved one but as the relationship becomes more long-term then there is a definite need to balance independence alongside the romance and commitment in order to make the connection stronger.



By maintaining your independence you will have a much better sense of self with an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence and these are the most attractive traits in a person. If you are always thinking about your every move and how it will affect your partner and whether they will approve of your actions, thoughts and feelings you will naturally lose part of yourself and possibly the part that they first fell in love with. Also there is nothing more off putting than having a clingy partner who needs support in everything that they do, this dis-empowers both people in the relationship and will lead to the breakdown of the partnership.

To prevent this from happening you need to remember who you are, keep contact with friends or keep up your hobbies that you had at the start of the relationship. Whilst you're with your friend or doing your hobby they can be doing theirs. When you see each other again you then have things to talk about.
Project yourself as independent, make sure you use the word “I” and not just “we”. Always offer your point of view rather than just excepting theirs, there is nothing better than a good debate. This allows you to keep developing.
Do things that you find emotionally or physically challenging this will build your confidence and reinforce the idea that you can cope in a crisis and that you don't need to be rescued by your partner. Taking the odd weekend away with friends and family away from each other allows you to gain fresh perspective when you are reunited.
Be aware that the need for constant reassurance or dependency on another can be rooted in childhood. If your partner is clingy show them security by stressing how much you love and value them but make sure you both have space to develop. If you have to compromise all the time then maybe the relationship is not to be.

The dedicated psychics at The Circle can give you a wonderful psychic reading that will allow you to see how healthy your relationship is or if there are any changes that could be made to improve things. Relationships take work but it's always worth it.

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