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The Evidence For Mediumship


Is Anybody There?


True faith is an amazing thing. Belief without evidence. But do we need to have 'faith' when it comes to contacting 'The Sprit World '? Or can we believe what is shown to us through personal experience?

There will never be enough evidence for those who question the concept of 'life after life', but for those who seek and are willing to ask the right questions then mediumship can be the most wonderful experience not only of survival but the knowledge that we will meet those that we have loved and been loved by again. Here are a few examples of what to look for from a medium and how mediumship is able to link the two sides of life.


Looking for Clues


Spirit will always make themselves known, dates names and personal experiences will form the main part of any reading. Put yourself in the place of a spirit who wants to make contact; they will give the evidence to the medium. They want to make contact. The skill of the medium is to either hear or see the communication in the right detail. Mediums with experience will not ask the sitter questions, they will repeat what they sense or hear from spirit. It is worth understanding that 'The World of Spirit' is not like living on the Earth. Spirit is pure thought; the whole existent is created by memory and thought. Spirit does not grow old, that is a human trait, as is eating, sleeping and time. Be careful not to confuse 'mortal life' with 'spiritual being.' 


Spirit Contact


Spirit will not tell you what you should do, or predict the future for you. If this is your expectation from a mediumship reading you may not always find the answers you are looking for. But this does not mean spirit will not help. In certain circumstances spirit will come in to help us either locate a missing object, or send us a message when something is going on which we need to be aware of.


The Missing Will


A lady was looking for her late fathers will, with little knowledge or hope of where to find it. So she called a medium. The medium was shown a wooden box on a shelf in a cupboard under the stairs. Then the medium was shown by spirit how to open the lid of the box by sliding it across to the right to uncover a secret compartment. The lady found the box, opened the lid the way the medium had described and found the will. This was spirit helping because the explanation was needed. Strong evidence that spirit will find a way to help.


The Iron Cross


When her brother passed he left his sister an Iron Cross on a silver chain. She only ever took it off to go to bed, carefully placing it on the bedside table next to her alarm clock. Imagine her surprise when upon waking the Iron Cross was nowhere to be seen. Searching high and low she finally sought the help from a medium. The brother showed the Cross and chain had been placed inside a bathroom cabinet alongside a tube of Smarties! The lady could not believe it. She was diabetic and had hidden the Smarties from her husband in that bathroom cabinet! Her bother had just wanted to help her from spirit.




The Spirit World is all around us, if we look for the signs it becomes very obvious that when people move across from this world to the next they still stay with us through thought. If you are missing a loved one TheCircle can help you by connecting the two sides of life back together through one of their experienced mediums. So if you think spirit is trying to connect or you just cannot stop thinking of a loved one it could just be they are thinking of you.

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