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The Death of a Dream - How Can I Cope?



We all have dreams in life, even though we may not actually call them ‘dreams.’  They are visions of the future, what we believe we can become, what we are capable of, where we are going.  These ideas aren’t flimsy, silly things, or over-ambitious goals that can’t possibly come true.  Of course we can all fantasise about marrying a film star or winning the lottery, but those dreams aren’t precious, or personal.  The dreams that matter are the ones you’ve been working towards and concentrating on – they look as if they could be in your grasp.  For instance, you may want to be a doctor, and your grades make this appear possible, or you may have a writing talent and see yourself as a novelist.  Possibly your ‘dream’ could be about your relationship, which looks rock solid.  Then something happens that sweeps it all away.  Your life has changed beyond recognition, and you feel empty and despairing.



As with all losses, you need time to recover.  You may feel devastated, but this will not last.  Believe it!  Try to see yourself in six months, or a year, smiling and happy.


The world is full of people who realised their ambitions after huge setbacks, such as illness, disability or simply continual failure and rejection.  Some of these have gone on to become amazing success-stories.  The way things look now is not the way they will be forever.


Be aware of all the emotions you feel right now, because you are having to cope with yourself as much as your circumstances.  For instance, are you angry?  And is this anger making you want to kick out at the world by turning away and giving up?  If so, you are only hurting yourself – do not punish yourself because your dream has died.  When you have recovered you may find other ways of achieving your dream.


Maybe things aren’t going to work out in exactly the manner you visualised, but can you get part of the way?  If your novel has been rejected, perhaps you can get an article published in the local paper – this could be a start.  Possibly you’ve been turned down for the course you want, but what about another choice, that has some of what you need?  This may seem poor consolation now, but in time things will change.  



Although you may not be able to grasp this at the moment, everything happens for a reason and some greater plan that you can’t see is unfolding.  In time to come you may look back and realise that this was for the best, and in fact your life has turned out more fulfilling because this dream died.  The future is the undiscovered country – explore it! 

Despite all your efforts, the loss of a dream can be devastating, and talking about this can be a great consolation.  At The Circle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can help you.  Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some advice, insight and support.  A clairvoyant reading can show ways to move forwards, so make contact with us without delay.


PUBLISHED: 27 April 2015

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