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Seven Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You're Alone


It can be very hard to be alone, especially when it’s a time when everyone else seems to be having fun with their loved ones.  But help is never very far away.


1)    STAY WARM. 


It is easy to overlook the simple things, but keeping cosy is reassuring to the body and this transfers itself to your mind.  Make sure you have plenty of soft, cuddly jumpers in vibrant colours such as gold and crimson, wrap yourself in a snugly scarf and never stay in a situation where you can feel chilled.  Best of all, if you have a garment given to you by your loved one, wear that so you keep a little bit of them with you.



On special occasions like Christmas, find a card or label written by the person you love at an earlier time, and keep that with you.  The love they gave you then is as alive as it ever was.  If looking at old things makes you sad, ask yourself what message your loved one would give you now, if they were here.  Then write this out yourself and sign it with their name.  Buy yourself a present that comes from them, too – isn’t that what they would want?



Scent is a very primitive mechanism, sending messages to the reptilian brain-stem which then affects instincts and moods.  If you heat the correct oil in a diffuser you can make subtle changes in your state of mind.  Choose Melissa to soothe you and combat insomnia, marjoram to deal with sorrow, neroli for a major uplift or frankincense to help you tune in to the world of Spirit.



These are an effective therapy, working gently to make deep shifts in your perceptions.  Walnut will help with change, Gorse with despair, Water Violet with the isolation that comes when we believe others cannot understand us, and Star of Bethlehem soothes shock and grief.



Unless you tell other people how you feel they will have no way of knowing and may assume you prefer to be left alone.  They may also feel awkward and not know what to say, but as soon as they realise all you want is company, most people will be only too happy to oblige.  There are other lonely people out there, and when someone has the courage to begin reaching out, this can start to change.



However alone you feel, you are most certainly never really alone.  Your spirit guides are watching over you, sending you compassion and loving reassurance, but none of this can get through to you unless you become open to it.  So sit quietly, relax and expand your awareness.  If you feel suddenly warmed and heartened, you have made contact.




There is no better way to find consolation than by making contact with someone who is able to sense what lies beyond the physical.  There may be messages for you, there is sure to be good advice, so let yourself be soothed and uplifted.    


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