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Saying Goodbye


Our days are speckled with ‘goodbyes’, some more easily recognised than others.  Each day we say ‘goodbye’ as we leave our home, work or children at school.  In other ways we are saying ‘goodbye’ to each day as it closes, to another day within the season and to another day in our lives.  Nothing stays the same and life rolls forward.  Change is always around us and ‘goodbyes’ are a part of our journey.


The more marked ‘goodbyes’ are the ones that we find tricky, such as saying goodbye to a friend as they move away, a job we have loved, a beloved pet, a treasured home or tragically, a loved one who is about to pass.

Sometimes we have no warning and the word ‘goodbye’ is not expressed, yet the mark is left in our heart and the sense of loss takes root.  The heartfelt ‘goodbyes’ that we have warning of, are the ones where we have time to plan and work out how we can deal with them.


'Goodbyes' are sometimes good to say


'Goodbyes' are about change, and the effects of change can be softened if we approach them in a light filled way.

Grace is the word that springs to mind when we ‘feel’ our way towards a ‘goodbye’.  We can see the moment coming, prepare for it and flow with it.  We can remind ourselves, that we will always have the treasured memories in our heart.  We can put together keepsakes and journals that remind us of those memories, and bring comfort when we need it later on.

When we move home or change jobs, holding onto the belief that life flows forward, with the old moving on, can bring solace.  This creates space for the new to come in, and keeps you looking upward.  Your energy is renewed for the new.

Sometimes the anticipation of the ‘goodbye’ can cause a great deal of pain before the actual event.  The feelings that come about can be as destructive as worry, and just as self-defeating.  If you can, remind yourself that the moment is not yet here.  Keep yourself in the ‘here and now’ as much as you can.  Right here, right now, the ‘goodbye’ has not yet happened.  This can bring some much needed calm to you right now.  Also, the ‘goodbye’ moment will not play out just as you think it will.  Things never do.  So if you are expecting difficulty, or challenge with the ‘goodbye’, then whatever scenario your imagination conjures up, the reality will always be different.  Try not to torture yourself with how it will be, and hold onto the ‘right here, right now, all is well’ belief.

Tragic ‘goodbyes’ are very different and there are several articles on TheCircle website that can help with grief and coping with painful loss.

Whatever ‘goodbye’ you are facing, and however you are feeling, always remember that the gifted readers at TheCircle are there to help and support you.  A fresh perspective and loving words to lift you, and help you deal with whatever ‘goodbye’ you are facing.

PUBLISHED: 21 January 2014


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