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Redundancy, how loss can be turned into a pivotal turning point
Redundancy whether expected or not can be a devastating time, it can make you feel ungrounded and insecure both emotionally and financially. Yet this can also be the chance to make those changes that you always promised yourself you would do one day. Sometimes a job can be golden handcuffs in that the money you are being paid keeps you there even if the job isn't fulfilling. Redundancy can be the key to make that change.

That pivotal turning point

Once the feelings of loss and anger have been dealt with it is time to reflect. This is where TheCircle and their career Readers come in handy. The Readers can help you see your path ahead and start to guide you on your next chapter.
Write a list of all your skills, not just work wise but personally and socially. Remember that all of these skills are transferable. Many people find that redundancy gives them that chance to make a complete career change into a different area, one that is more emotionally fulfilling with real job satisfaction. Others start working for themselves or turn their hobby into a career.

Make a plan and keep focused

If you are thinking of starting up your own business speak to your bank and financial advisers, they often have special groups that are trained to help with this. Check out any local grants that are available for start-up companies.
If you are thinking of a career change check out what training courses are available, see if any of your qualifications count towards other training. Talk to people already in that career and see how they got into that area of work. Don't be frightened of putting yourself forward, confidence is the most attractive quality in a person.
If looking to stay in the same area of work, talk to head-hunting companies and recruitment agencies. Get your CV up to date and really put yourself out there.

Tips to help you through redundancy


  • Give yourself space and time for the news to sink in so you can digest it fully. Being made redundant is something you cannot control, it is out of your hands. Dealing with the reality and the facts allows you to be more focused to plan your future. 
  • Look at the financial impact of being made redundant and work out how long your savings or emergency money will last. Check as to whether you have redundancy cover or income protection cover from your insurers, which can cushion the blow.
  • Make sure you get an employer's reference before you leave. This will confirm the reason stated on your CV is genuine and a good CV highlights your strengths and capabilities to a new employer.
  • Think big about what job you want to do next. Being made redundant wasn't something you instigated and this is the perfect career cross-roads. Use this impetus for change.
  • Get free job advice where you can.
  • Use recruitment agencies.
  • Communication -  network let people know you are looking for a job. Speak to companies you have worked for before. Often it's not what you know but who you know.
  • Use Social Media to look out for job alerts.
  • Keep a positive mental attitude, don't worry about a negative response to an application, that job just wasn't meant for you. Get constructive feedback if there is a negative response and use that for your next opportunity.
Always remember: “What is for you doesn't go past you and what goes past you wasn't for you.” Make contact with us at TheCircle for a reading


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