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Reach Out When You’re Depressed


Being depressed is more than just ‘feeling down’. It is a very real illness that drags you off into a black hole, from which the world and everything in it looks utterly hopeless. Reaching out may seem unachievable, and even the thought of it may be very painful. Saying how you feel may be unbearable, and believing that you could possibly be helped, impossible. But although it may feel like you’re getting nowhere, recovering from depression is like trying to roll away a huge stone. At first it seems you could never budge it, but once it starts to shift, it gains momentum, and light appears once more. Please try to believe this.


  • Don’t ever believe that no-one is interested, or that no-one can understand. Many people have experienced what you are going through. Isolation is one of the most tragic aspects of depression, and yet that is an illusion. Deep within you there is a desperate child who wants someone to hold his or her hand. Be brave and have contact with others, for soon someone will say or do something small that can start to work the magic.
  • You are not weak! What you are going through is awful, and it takes strength to bear it. In fact you are more powerful than you imagine, and this ‘power’ can be used to move you on.
  • Do talk to friends and family. You don’t have to spill everything – you could just say things have been tough, and test the reaction you get. Soon you will know who is prepared to be empathic and supportive and you can begin to tell them a bit more. Some people get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others – don’t deny them the opportunity to be there for you.
  • Don’t disparage the smallest thing you can do. Managed to tidy up a bit? Did the shopping? Went out in the garden? When you’re depressed such things may be monumentally difficult and you may get very little satisfaction from them, but just because you don’t feel different doesn’t mean you aren’t getting somewhere. Without realizing it, you will have had moments when you forgot you were depressed, and sooner or later these ‘moments’ will string together to form periods of time when the sun breaks through. These will get longer and longer.
  • See a mental health professional. You do not have to go to your GP for medication if you don’t want to. There are wellness centres that provide therapy for depression. Counselling and hypnotherapy can help a great deal – there are people who totally understand what you’re enduring and have ways to treat it. If you, or a friend if you don’t feel up to it, really look around, you should find some organization that will provide you with a few sessions at lower price, especially if you are a low income. But if possible, be prepared to pay for a good therapist – after all, this is your health. You would expect to pay hundreds of pounds for a holiday, after all. Investing in yourself can be the start of a way out of your depression.
  • Try not to get snappy at friends who attempt to encourage you to come out and do things. Think of it like this – if you have a leg injury, the physiotherapist will put you through really painful exercises while you are healing. You accept you have to do them if you want to get better and it’s the same with depression. It may be agony having a cuppa in a café or going to the cinema, but think of it as therapy and do your best.
  • Join a support group. Sometimes it can be easier talking to strangers because you may feel they are less likely to worry about you, or to be judgemental. But even if it is gruelling, talking to others who have been through similar experiences will convince you that you aren’t alone. You may even be inspired to help someone else, and that’s a great first step out of the badlands of depression.



If all else fails, you have a wonderful resource right at your fingertips. Our readers at The Circle are very experienced in coping with problems like depression, and with their extra psychic insight they have all it takes to get you back on the road to total emotional and mental health, so make that call and feel better!


PUBLISHED:  21 June 2017

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