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Pregnancy Loss - Coping after a miscarriage


It is a tragic event when you miscarry and the ground can literally go from underneath your feet. It is grief in a raw form and every single one us reacts differently. However you feel and react, is right for you. You are you, and your instinct will lead you to do what is right for you.



Strategies to cope a preganancy loss


There are many things going on all at once as you cope with the changes in your body and the changes to how you saw your life. If you are alone it is a lonely blow to take. If you have a partner, and possible family around you, then their needs will also be around you.


We are verbal beings and the need to be able to talk, in a safe place without judgment, and with loving empathy, is vital. When we are dealt a severe life blow, our instinct is to ‘shutdown’ and protect ourselves. We fear being hurt any further and retreat feels safest. Hurt needs fresh air to heal, it is one of nature’s fundamental laws. If you have a loving partner, family member or friend that can listen without putting their own feelings into the mix, then you have a way forward. If not, and for some this is reality, then asking your GP for a counselling referral is another healing way forward.


There are also local groups run by trained professionals and this may be just what you need right now. Calling for a psychic reading also gives you a ‘safe’ place to talk. Comfort, soothing words and an empathetic ear help you to heal.


We all do things that help us to cope when life is difficult. Little things that sooth. Taking time to reflect and send love to the spirit of your little one, as they join your loved ones already in the spirit world, is healing too. If it helps you to mark their short time within you, then plant a special memory in the garden, a meaningful picture or some heartfelt words written out can also help. If you find yourself unable to talk, then write it down. Write it down just as it comes into your head. No-one else will read it, it is just for your healing.


Your partner and family are also grieving in their own way and your loving bonds can create a way to help each other. If you struggle with their grief as well as your own, ask for help. Our natural instinct is to help, just ask.


This too shall pass.


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