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How to Overcome Self-depreciation and Lack of Motivation


Having a lack of appreciation of self is a lack of confidence in your ability to succeed; it is linked with low self-esteem and leads to lack of motivation. There may well be other emotions such as embarrassment, fear and anger which is often internalised, left long enough it can become depression and greater feelings of worthlessness. Self-depreciation may have caused you to compromise in the past, be quiet about a potential idea or leave you in the background with no motivation to take yourself forward and use your skills and abilities.



Recognise when you are not appreciating yourself and identify where the self-doubt comes from.


The first step in all of this is recognising when you are being self-depreciating it can often come with the black humour of self-deprecation. When you notice you are being negative about yourself take a step back and see what might be the underlying cause. It often can originate in childhood where we failed at something, told we would “never amount to anything” or comparison with a sibling.

We hold onto these events and words and replay them making strong neural pathways keeping us trapped in that negative thought belief and causing lack of motivation to go forward in life, literally holding ourselves back.


Face up to the past and leave it behind.


Whoever or whatever happened in the past, happened in the past and is no longer needed. Face up to what makes you feel inferior and close the door on the negative thoughts and emotions that you have given energy too in the past. Use that precious energy for the future.


Change your thought process from self-depreciation to self-appreciation.


This is not an overnight process and will take time so be gentle on yourself during the process as you start to reprogram your thoughts.

Help your mind to begin to build new neural pathways that affirms that you do have self-worth. The truth is that you are a divinely created individual with special skills, gifts, and talents. You are a person of value who brings life and perspective into the world that only you can bring.


  • Do what you love and enjoy, you can't be good at everything so focus on your strengths and do them well.
  • Look after your physical body with exercise; this releases feel-good hormones.
  • Eat healthy and in a balanced way, cooking and sharing food is such a pleasure in life.
  • Write a journal with positive affirmations such as: You are perfect exactly as you are; there is no need to change anything except the thought that you are not good enough.

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