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I’ve No Spare Time - Help I’ve Lost Sight Of Myself


It’s a busy, busy world these days and most of us are under pressure to fit things in. That’s all very well if what you’re doing fits in with your life plan and you’re enjoying yourself as well as getting somewhere. It’s a different matter when you’ve taken on more and more, and feel as if you’re on a treadmill from which there’s no escape. Don’t sell your soul to the rat-race. Break away before you break down.


Learn about:
  • Prioritising
  • Realise life is short
  • Check up on yourself
  • Watch that ego
  • Say no
  • The importance of play
  • Your spirituality


So you think that everything you do has to be done, and you can’t possibly drop any of it? Think again. There are only so many hours in the day and the reality is that you can’t complete it all and stay sane. That means that some things have to go and others have to be put on the back burner.
You will have to be ruthless. Realise that your peace of mind truly is at stake. If you think clearly you will see that the world won’t come to an end if you dump some of those jobs.



It may be a sobering thought, but no-one is indispensable. If your life ended now all those essential tasks would not be done, or would be done by someone else. Try to take a wider view. In a hundred years time who will even remember, let alone appreciate what you’re doing? Your life is yours to live so grasp it now and let the Universe take care of what doesn’t get done.




All the while you’re charging about trying to be Superman, could it possibly be your ego that’s driving you? Maybe you have a strong sense of your own importance. You may well be right – if you’re hard-working, dutiful and efficient your contribution is important. But if you’re driven by a need to be The Best, then you’re doing it to prove something to yourself. Is it worth it? Would it be the end of the world if someone else took over? What price your pride? Surely having time to be yourself and explore the meanings of your own life matters more than chalking up yet one more completed task.



It’s easy to believe you’re madly busy when in fact you’re wasting quite a lot of time. Social media is the worst culprit. Before you know it you’ve wasted an hour on your smartphone doing nothing very much. This is all very well if you really, truly enjoy it. However, the chances are that all the on-line trivia leaves you feeling empty and fed up with yourself.
Start by being very aware of how you use your phone. When you start Facebooking or similar, set a timer to go off after ten minutes. Allow yourself that and no more.  
Deal with TV in a similar fashion. How often do you sit down to watch stuff that’s actually quite boring and meaningless? Make a pledge that you will only telly-watch or thumb-twiddle to the point you really enjoy. Beyond that it’s the biggest possible waste of time. In fact it’s worse than that. Quite possibly it’s destructive to your self-satisfaction. Who needs it?


Do you find it hard to say ‘no’? This could be because you lack self-esteem and feel you always have to please others, or it could be because you are naturally sympathetic and helpful – or both.
Sadly, there are always those who will exploit you. They may be doing it through neediness, or they may be plain selfish and manipulative. Often the ones who get the most out of you are the best at exploitation. Even good friends may do this – don’t be taken in. Who matters more – you or them?
If it’s hard to say no, start with small things, have your excuses and white lies ready, and say ‘maybe’. You may feel guilty and uncomfortable – feel the guilt and discomfort and do it anyway. Graduate then to larger matters until you end up with more time. Once you get in the habit it’s easy.


Down time isn’t an indulgence. It isn’t something you can do without, while you work yourself into the ground. If you don’t relax on a regular basis then you are certainly not going to perform at peak efficiency. Like a battery that’s gradually losing its power, you will become less and less effectual. You may not notice this for a while, and by the time it catches up with you it could be too late for a quick fix. Something in you can get dried up and you lose a sense of yourself.
In your list of priorities recreation should have pride of place. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep going without oil and petrol. It’s just as essential that you have time to switch off, play and enjoy yourself.  Do it!


Wider, more profound meanings are all around you and being connected to Spirit brings comfort and blessings. Probably developing a connection with Spirit is the most important task on your life journey.
Making this connection when you’re always going like crazy and looking at your watch is very hard. You need time to be mindful, to ‘stop and stare’ and think of the meaning to it all. Let the importance of this sink in and you’ll find you make time.



You’ve found out about prioritizing, realising life is short, checking yourself, watching your ego, saying no, the importance of play and your spirituality. If you examine all these areas you should quickly find your time management it improved. If you’re really struggling however, you may need more insight. Our sensible and perceptive Readers are on hand all the time, so put in a call today for some wonderful guidance.


PUBLISHED: 13 July 2017

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