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My Sense of Humour Has Disappeared - How Can I Get It Back?


Being able to see the funny side of life is a great gift. It enables you to cope with some very difficult situations without crumbling. And there’s nothing better for your health than a true belly-laugh, especially when shared with friends. So if you’ve lost your sense of humour you may feel in quite a dark and lonely place. But don’t worry – you can and will laugh again.



If you’re desperate to generate those chuckles all you’ll do is drive them further away. Try to accept that for now the funny side has disappeared. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Just like the days and the seasons, your mood will turn and become sunny once more


If something upsetting has happened to you, or if you’re struggling with a challenging situation, then it’s no surprise that you can’t laugh. In the end, however, that can make you stronger. For now just say a peaceful ‘yes’ to whatever has been thrown at you. Eventually it will transform, and you will see new aspects


Is your loss of humour connected to something that’s going on inside you – something that you prefer not to acknowledge? For instance if you are unhappy in your job, relationship or home you may be forcing down your negative feelings and your sense of fun may have been repressed, too. Be honest about your emotions. This can be hard at first but the pay-off in terms of mental freedom is worth it. Our wonderful readers at The Circle can help you see yourself clearly   


We all move on in life and maybe there’s been some kind of shift inside you, making you look at the world in a different light. That is bound to be progress, even if it doesn’t seem to be right now, for it concerns your personal growth. Life is about movement – you can’t stand still and if you try you risk going stale. One of the definitions of humour is that it’s ‘the unexpected’. So find some new subjects to interest you and projects to absorb you, and let laughter find its own way back


Okay, so you’re not giggling but you could be grinning, and that’s a step in the right direction. Smile at yourself in the mirror, smile at strangers, children, cats and dogs – the effect can be amazing


It’s so easy to make a small child laugh – just a simple game of ‘Boo!’ can generate a load of delicious chortles. Chances are you’ll find this infectious, and it’ll be great fun! 
If regaining your sense of humour seems impossible, you need something very personal and special to cheer you up.  At TheCircle you can always contact a Psychic or Medium who can help you. Benefit from a Psychic Reading, check your Horoscope, have advice, insight and support.  A Clairvoyant Reading is a big step in the right direction, so make contact with us without delay.
PUBLISHED: 03 July 2015
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