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Missing Your Mum This Mother's Day


When you have lost your mum, Mother’s Day can be such an emotional day, but it is a special and should still be a day that is celebrated

When is Mother’s Day? Mother’s day is celebrated on Sunday 8th March and is a time when we celebrate the love and support our mothers have given us over the years. We give gifts, Mother’s Day flowers and cards and show our appreciation by offering to do chores around the house or cook a special lunch. Of course, some of us won’t be spending the day with our mums as they are no longer with us. This can be a sad reminder of missing the wonderful woman who brought us in to this world, who cherished and loved us as we grew up. A parent who taught us all about life, supported us through the hard times and encouraged us through the good.

It is celebrated as a tradition for the maternal bond between mother and child



Throughout the world, Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is celebrated in different ways and on different dates. So when is Mother’s Day and why does the date change every year? In the UK, this special day always falling on the 4th Sunday of Lent, exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. It is celebrated as a tradition for the maternal bond between mother and child, or even grandmother, step-mothers or mother-in-law’s by the giving of Mother’s Day flowers, gifts and cards. Mothering Sunday originally came from the USA and for them, it typically falls on the first Sunday in May. In France it is known as ‘Maman’s’ day and is usually on the last Sunday of May. Spain celebrate Mother’s Day in December, not only offering thanks to mothers but also to the Virgin Mary. This is not just a small private family affair; it includes religious celebrations throughout the country.

Our bond and love for our mother should still be celebrated…




For many of us it can be an emotional day, where we miss our mother because they are no longer with us. It can especially be a difficult time if we are recently grieving or mourning the loss of our loved one. We think about the past when they were here, when we may have bought them Mother’s Day flowers or cooked them their favourite food. Our bond and love for our mother should still be celebrated and we should spend the time recalling the lovely memories that we keep. So, what can you do this Mother’s Day to celebrate the love you have for your mum?

  • Buy yourself some white carnations - these flowers are traditional and chosen to remember your mother.
  • Light a candle – burning a candle in memory of a loved one is said to bring them closer to us
  • Place her photograph in a central place so you can see it clearly throughout the day – perhaps next to the candle
  • Cook a favourite meal – whether this was her favourite food or a meal that she cooked you as a child. Food has memory association and can be comforting.
  • Visit a place – perhaps her favourite place to visit or somewhere that has special memories of a time you were together
  • Donate to a good cause – Mother’s Day can be celebrated in memory of your mum by donating to a charity close to her heart, or a health research charity that would have been relevant to her

Close loved ones that we have lost often stay close by…



Missing our mums, especially on Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of how they are no longer with us. No matter how sad we feel, we should try and turn it in to a positive day. A day when we recollect special times, memories, sift through photographs and talk about the good times that we had with them with our family, children or friends. It is no bad thing to shed a tear and to accept that it may be an emotional day, but focussing your mind and energy on your mum will bring her closer to you spiritually. Close loved ones that we have lost often stay close by, checking in on us from time to time and watching as our life progresses. We may even experience something which confirms that they are around us, perhaps the smell of her perfume, a vivid memory out of the blue, or maybe even just the feeling or sense that she is around you. Don’t discard it, she is letting you know that she is around you this Mother’s Day.


PUBLISHED: 3 March 2016

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