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I’ve Lost My Direction, It All Seems Pointless


Even the most dynamic people can lose their direction.  Maybe it steals up on you and you feel stranded, or maybe that wave of pointlessness has suddenly overwhelmed you.  Perhaps like most of us you get a ‘can’t be-bothered’ feeling from time to time, maybe when you’re tired or disappointed.  You don’t just have to accept this – you can understand why and learn how to move on.


Find out:
  • Where the pointless feeling arises
  • Finding a spiritual path
  • The role of community
  • Caring for others
  • Mindfulness
  • The importance of facing up with courage and openness



Most of us are very caught up in our day-to-day lives.  Maybe you’re immersed in your career, working hard, saving money.  Possibly you’re caught up in family matters, or very involved in a relationship.  Maybe life is such fun you don’t think much about anything – until it suddenly hits you.  What’s it all about?
We live in a very materialistic culture.  The belief that this world is the only one is even made into a doctrine by some people.  If you think all that exists is this physical life, bounded at either end by oblivion, it’s easy to lose a sense of meaning.  Sometimes this might not matter, or you can turn away from such deep questions.  When all is going brilliantly and you feel good you can pretend it will go on forever.  But when things go wrong, when you’re ill, you lose someone special or fall on hard times, then it may truly seem there’s little reason to go on.
If you’re very successful after putting all your energies into ‘making it’ you can still get to the stage where you think it’s all a big ‘so what?’  Are you looking for a fresh challenge?  Or something deeper?  Or both?  Whatever has brought you to this point – or even if you don’t know – don’t turn away.  That sense of losing your direction can be the trigger that changes everything for the better.


Having a sense of something beyond this physical world gives you a reason to carry on with this one.  Maybe you are here to learn lessons.  Surely something better waits for you.  Most of us have the feeling this is true, but our ‘rational’ minds can reason us out of it.  Remember that logic cannot explain everything and trust your inner awareness.


If you’ve been existing mostly for yourself, becoming involved in a community can give you a new direction.  This ‘community’ could come through shared spirituality, through your local neighbourhood, through creativity, shared charity ventures and many other ways.
It is a great help to be taken out of your own ego and to realise you are part of something bigger.  Your input is important and you’re making a difference.  It makes you feel good.


If you’ve lost your direction you’ve probably just concentrated on Number One.  There’s nothing wrong with that – we all need a ‘healthy selfishness’ to look after ourselves and get on in life.  But after a while that can feel empty.
Really empathizing with someone else, truly caring for their welfare, going that extra mile and experiencing the joy of creating comfort and smiles – that makes you feel worthwhile and gives you back your compass.


Mindfulness takes you away from all distractions and worries and keeps you in the present moment.  You let go of trying to control, of going through your plans and ‘what ifs’ and let yourself simply ‘be’ in the here and now.
Perhaps paradoxically this opens your consciousness to wider reality.  It just isn’t the way it seems, with our blinkered day-to-day vision.  Mindfulness opens up new perspectives and will bring you to a new path.


When that feeling of pointlessness strikes, your first reaction may be to hang on to the way you’ve always thought and acted.  Perhaps if you keep on keeping on it will all come back.  But often the more you try to keep things the way they’ve been, the more it all slips through your fingers.  The person you were seems to have gone and in their place is a vacuum, a lack of energy and despondency.
On the other hand, if you have the courage to face what’s happening to you, you can recover and move on much more quickly.  So what used to matter doesn’t, what used to light your fire is a damp squib, what used to motivate you is boring, but there will be something else!
Have the courage to face that empty feeling.  Don’t fight it or reason it away.  It’s here and it’s telling you something.  If you go with it and explore it you will find a wonderful new way forward.  It could be exciting!



Now you have some idea what could cause your pointless feeling.  You’ve been reminded about spirituality, community, caring for others, mindfulness and – most important – going with the feeling.  Your quickest way out of the sense of futility can be to phone one of our switched-on Readers.  They understand what you’re going through and can point you towards the light.


PUBLISHED: 07 November 2017

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