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Life After Death


The afterlife is an existence that can never really be scientifically proven but is there life after death? Those who believe in life after death say that the spirit or soul of a person leaves the body at death and goes through a transformation to the spirit world or heaven. Of course, what comes after death nobody truly knows although people who have had near death experiences say that they do find themselves in a somewhat heavenly place and see loved ones who have already passed over.


Most people consider the afterlife to take place in a spiritual realm…


What Comes After Death?

The afterlife is a belief that a part of a person continues to exist after their death. There are various concepts about life after death in that an essential part of the person, or the entire spirit or soul lives on. The belief in life after death is against the notion that death is final and most people consider the afterlife to take place in a spiritual realm. In some religions such as Buddhism, the view is that a soul is reincarnated, emerging as another person with no memory of the previous life. The idea that we have many past lives gives us a consideration that our soul can choose to be born again and perhaps to continue the learning of experiences throughout each life. Nobody really has proof in what comes after death, but to think that the soul can continue is perhaps reassuring, especially when we lose loved ones.
Nearly 40% of the patients experienced an ‘awareness’ during the time that they were certified as clinically dead…

Is There Life After Death?

Some people may consider that death is not final and that it is not an ending, instead a beginning or a rebirth. Is there life after death? Scientists have continued to research and study life after death with people who have had near death experiences and now believe that consciousness may at least initially continue after death. The University of Southampton carried out a 4-year study with 15 hospitals across the USA, Austria and the UK with more than 2000 patients who have experienced cardiac arrests. The research showed that nearly 40% of the patients experienced an ‘awareness’ during the time that they were certified as clinically dead and before their hearts were restarted. From this study, scientists still cannot prove whether consciousness after this initial moment continues or whether it fades away after death. Interestingly, they did hear reports of people claiming they left their body and watched their own resuscitation from a corner of the room.
Mediums have a great understanding of what comes after death…


Talking to The Afterlife


Experienced and skilled Clairvoyant Mediums can connect with people who are existing in the afterlife. A Medium is often someone who has naturally inherited their abilities but some people who are psychically gifted can develop mediumship skills over time. Mediums have a greater understanding of what comes after death as they not only hear messages from loved ones who have passed over, but can see them in the spirit world. A medium has the ability and skills to carry out the following:

Connect: Connect with loved ones, family and friends who have passed over. This may be people as close as your Mother or Father, or it could be someone that you knew years ago but who wanted to come forward to speak to you.
Communicate: Communicate with our pets and animals that may have been an important part of our life. Of course our pets also go to the afterlife and may all reside together, or with our loved ones.
Messages: Relay messages from our loved ones – memories or evidence that they are existing in the spirit world. This may be a recollection of childhood memories and will always be something that they know you too, will remember.
Guidance: Pass on advice and guidance from loved ones that may be relevant to any current situations in our life. This proves that they are around us all the time and can still see us. Loved ones want us to know that they are helping us from the other side.
Peace of Mind: Give you peace of mind that your loved ones are okay and still around you. This can be very reassuring if you are still grieving for the loss of the person and people often say that a reading with a Medium can bring a great deal of peace of mind.
No Suffering: Give you a better understanding of the afterlife and that your loved ones are rested, feel healthy and have no pain. When a person goes to the spirit world, they are healed of any illness, pain or suffering.



Losing a person that you love is one of the saddest parts of our life. Grieving for a loved one can be all-consuming and the void that they leave can never be filled. Speaking to a Medium who can connect with the afterlife is a truly enlightening and loving experience. Some people may think that it would be upsetting, but actually it can be a wonderful encounter. Speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle and connect with your loved ones in spirit.


PUBLISHED: 25 November 2016

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