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Why Do Some People Have a Lack of Empathy?


What is empathy? Why do some people have a lack of empathy, yet others feel people’s emotions very strongly? A deeper understanding of empathy and empathy vs. sympathy explained.


Developing an understanding for other people’s feelings, situations and actions is something that varies from person to person. It is a skill that we develop as young children and something that will be useful to us throughout life. Empathy vs. sympathy – are two different things. Empathy is a word used to describe an understanding or awareness of other people’s emotions and feelings. It is if you like, putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes; imagining how they feel and thinking about how we would undergo the same experience. A lack of empathy means that people find it difficult to take in to consideration other people’s emotions and feelings and consequently cannot provide the advice or support that they may need. A lack of empathy can make communicating between people difficult, especially if the person who is having the experience, does not feel that can be open about their feelings.

Having empathy shows others around you that you understand their situation…






What is empathy? It is if you like a natural intuitive skill that enables us to be supportive in emotional needs. Why is empathy important? Having empathy shows others around you that you understand their situation and that you are approachable and can be sympathetic and thoughtful to their feelings. It shows we are sensitive to how they feel and can show this almost subconsciously, and we not only understand it but can show this in on a deeper level by reacting to it. Making sure that you do not have a lack of empathy is important, it assists us in communicating in many ways – whether it’s our children, our friends, colleagues, family or even people that we do not know very well.

Some people may have a lack of empathy because of their past…





People who have a lack of empathy will find that others are not emotionally open with them, because they do not show consideration for their feelings. Some people may have a lack of empathy because of their past. A traumatic childhood event could have shut down reactive emotions or sympathy towards others, or a time in their life where they could not trust someone or people – many different circumstances can affect people who subsequently do not want to face or deal with emotions. If a child is brought up in a family who do not communicate well, who have no understanding for each other or warmth, the adult will not have learnt empathic skills at a young age. Why is empathy important? Empathy not only offers us the ability to see and feel things from another’s perspective, it equips us with a greater understanding of ourselves, others around us and the outside world.

Clairsentience is the ultimate form of empathy, empowering the empath to literally step inside another person’s shoes…





Some people have a greater ability of empathy. A person described as an ‘Empath’ has a specialist psychic skill known as ‘Clairsentience’ which enables them to feel the emotions and physical feelings of others as if they were their own. An empath is sensitive to the energies around them and the energies of other people. The Clairsentience skills allows them to feel the emotional and physical state of others, whether the feelings are from current, past or future situations. This may not only be picking up a sense or emotion from people but can also be from the energies of a house or place. Clairsentience is the ultimate form of empathy, empowering the empath to literally step inside another person’s shoes. Do you have a Clairsentient ability or do you find that you pick up on other’s emotions strongly? Find out by reading our checklist below:

  • You get sudden strong emotions without knowing why or having a reason. This may be when you are with people, or someone you are communicating with at a distance, or it can be when you are in a public place next to somebody you don’t know.
  • You literally ‘feel’ others upset and pain when they are going through a difficult time. This can be the physical effects that emotional trauma and extreme sadness has on someone.
  • You feel a sudden physical symptom from a person close to you, somebody you may be talking to or an absent person who is topic of the conversation.
  • You have an incredibly strong sense of empathy when talking to people, especially when they are going through an emotional time. You feel like you are with them on their journey and find it difficult to mentally switch off from it.
  • You experience all ranges of emotions from others – from sadness, anger, hurt, distress, fear to extreme happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and delight.
  • You acknowledge a strong, unexplainable sense of emotion when you are in a building, house or place, picking up the energies that were once experienced there.

You can be sympathetic and not necessarily empathetic!






For very obvious reasons, these phrases are often misplaced with each other. Empathy and sympathy both describe feelings in our relationship with others. What is empathy and why is empathy important? Empathy is a deeper understanding of people’s emotions and feelings, whereas sympathy is an act of showing pity and compassion. You can be sympathetic and not necessarily empathetic! Having a lack of empathy towards others will limit the depth of your relationship with them as it puts up invisible boundaries between people. It restricts you from giving your full attention and understanding and may make others hesitant in divulging their emotions and feelings. Sympathy offers compassion and kindness and although empathy does the same, it extends peripheries and enables a depth of trust and consideration to be felt between two people. Do you find it difficult to open up to your friends and family? Do you wish that you could get clarity and understanding over an emotional situation? Our talented psychics and empaths will give you reassuring guidance for current circumstances and your future. Speak to our readers now at The Circle, they are waiting to take your call.




Why Do Some People Have a Lack of Empathy?
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PUBLISHED: 6 April 2016

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