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I’ve Lost My Sense Of Fun - How Can I Get The Laughter Back In My Life?


Sometimes it happens. You wake up to the fact that the fun has gone out of your life. Maybe you feel low, bored and frustrated and unable to see the funny side. Your sense of fun is a valuable gift, and the good news is you can’t completely lose it. It’s there, somewhere, however much ordinary life obscures it. So find your smile again and enjoy the day.


Read about:
  • Why your sense of fun is important
  • Why you lost it
  • Keeping good company
  • Making time
  • Doing something different
  • Going for comedy
  • Being patient


Some people may say that laughing and having a good time are not the most important things in life. They may believe that hard work and a sensible attitude count for more. But they are wrong!
Laughter leads to so many good things. It alters your body chemistry, enabling you to release stress. Fun makes you creative, sparking off inspiration and increasing energy. Laughing together is a wonderful bonding experience. And what’s all the striving and straining about, if you can’t enjoy life?


In your quest for your ‘funny bone’ it can help to trace your steps back to when you lost it. Did you change your job, or home? Did you lose a friend or family member? Did you give up a treasured hobby? 
Whatever caused you to lose your sense of fun can be remedied. You do not necessarily have to get back to where you were before. That may not be possible. But once you know what’s missing it’s easier to replace it.
Of course you may find you’ve lost your sense of fun without knowing why. This could be something deep at work within you and our minds don’t always function in ways that can be explained. But don’t let that worry you. If the answer isn’t obvious, too much analysis can be counter-productive. Much better to accept what’s happened and start to take action.


If you’ve lost your ability to have fun the first thing you need to do is start to hang around with cheerful people who know how to enjoy themselves. Forget the sad sacks and the whingers. Don’t spend too much time with people who want to lean on you for now – you need to boost your own happiness before you worry about the contentment of others.
Just by being with positive souls, surrounded by smiles is sure to boost you. And laughter is so infectious you may find you can’t help giggling.


If you’ve been driving yourself really hard and not getting enough down time you may find you’ve lost your sense of fun because you’re seriously depleted. You may even be depressed, without realising it. It’s easy to lose your sense of meaning when you have your nose to the grindstone.
However important the tasks are, you must realise that your health and well-being are more important, and that fun and laughter are absolutely essential to preserve these. So throw yourself into play as enthusiastically as you throw yourself into work and set aside time for relaxing and meditating. Once you re-learn to laugh, you’ll actually find your work goes much better.


Get out of that rut and simply do something different. This does not have to be something especially fun-filled or amusing – just jolt yourself out of plain old same old. Try something silly, spontaneous – even something slightly shocking. Why not?
A change wakes you up, opens your eyes and makes you more open to amusement. Try going somewhere different in the evening, meet new people, try a new hobby. Something will take you out of yourself and move you on.


If you’re on a downer you may find the idea of trying to make yourself laugh somewhat false and strained. But don’t turn away from it because of that.
Seek out funny programmes, listen to comedians and memorise jokes. Sooner or later something will tickle you. Meanwhile it will be heartening to hear friends laugh. 



If you’ve been low, if you’re bereaved or have been through a hard time it may take a while before your sense of fun returns. Don’t despair if it takes a while. Keep trying, keep being open to anything amusing, keep smiling at yourself in the mirror and at others in the street. Soon you’ll catch yourself laughing. Even better, soon you’ll forget yourself for a long while and then realise that you’ve been laughing quite a lot! Then your sense of fun is re-awakened and ready for action!




We have looked at why your sense of fun is important and how to identify your reason for losing it. You can seek out good company, put time aside for fun, do something different, enjoy comedy and realise the importance of being patient. All of these strategies should help bounce you back into the fun zone. However, if you’ve experienced a big loss, or if you’re depressed and/or anxious, you will need more encouragement. Just phone our supportive Readers – their empathy combined with uplifting advice will enable you to smile again very soon.


PUBLISHED: 11 October 2017

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