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Is Crying Good For You?


Releasing feelings in a safe way is very beneficial emotional help. Crying is good and a sign of strength. 

We’ve all heard words like ‘Pull yourself together’, ‘Big boys don’t cry’, ‘Weeping is for wimps’ etc. Thankfully, it’s now more generally recognised that it’s healthy to display our feelings, and that bottling things up can make them worse. But crying can still be embarrassing. No-one wants to show up with red eyes and a fist-full of soggy tissues! If that’s your attitude, you would do well to work at changing it. Crying is very good for you – so learn to let those tears flow.




Giving in to that need to cry releases pent-up emotions. Have you ever noticed how it helps you move on, like the sun coming out after a rainstorm? There’s something about crying that encourages you to believe that help is out there. So if you feel like it, do it, and if anyone thinks you’re wallowing, well – it’s good to ‘wallow’! Stop wondering ‘is crying good for you?’ and simply let the emotions pass.
At a glance, here are ways that having a good cry is beneficial for you:
  • Crying releases toxins from the body
  • It is a valid way of communicating
  • It allows you to move on
If you are feeling stressed, then your system will be flooded by the stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone has so many damaging effects on physical health as well as emotional well-being that you really don’t want it to hang around. Cortisol interferes with your sleep, causes weight gain and reduces your immunity. This can result in a vicious circle, where you feel worse and worse. If the stress you are under results in tears, then that’s one of the best things that can happen. Tears shed through unhappiness are not the same as eyes watering when you chop an onion. Those sad and anxious tears are the valuable ones, and they will definitely lighten your load.
Children cry when they are upset – they know that’s the way their elders will realise something is wrong and come to the rescue. It’s the same with adults. However good your friend or partner is at carrying on, pretending everything is okay, those tears tell the truth. Crying says things that can’t always be put into words. It evokes empathy and strengthens the connections between people. It’s one of Nature’s ways of making us bond.


Crying has an effect on your whole being, making you relax, drop your defences and distance yourself from what’s upsetting you. This brings a whole array of benefits, improving your mood, stopping you comfort eating or reaching for an addictive substance. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of diabetes and may even be an aphrodisiac, as it demolishes inhibitions and can be a turn-on. 
Crying acts as a watershed – in more ways than one! Your subconscious registers the fact that some sort of limit has been reached. Of course, crying is an expression of emotion, and emotions such as loss have to be fully experienced before they can become a thing of the past. But there is more to crying than that. It signifies a surrender, albeit temporary, to emotions, so allowing them to transmute into hope.
The only true way to acknowledge grief is by crying. When you lose someone you love it’s just the worst feeling possible, and it’s so very important to be able to cry. Some people, when faced by desperate loss, are afraid that if they cry they will never stop. But of course they will, and even the most unbearable sorrow becomes more gentle. You may never ‘get over it’ completely, but you find ways to ‘be’ with it, to take comfort and open out to positives again. Crying is an essential part of this process.


Yes! In fact, it’s a sign of strength and bravery. When you cry you fully embrace your difficult feelings. That takes courage. There’s no hiding from the overwhelming emotion when tears come. So be proud of your crying, knowing you’re being heroic, genuine – and paving the way to change for the better. 
Of course, very prolonged or regular crying is not so beneficial for you and may indicate a deeper problem. That’s when you need to reach out for help. At TheCircle you can always contact a Psychic or Medium who can help you. Benefit from a Psychic Reading, check your Horoscope, get some advice, insight and support. A Clairvoyant Reading is a great way to shift your viewpoint and find consolation, so make contact with us without delay.
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