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How do I Prepare Myself for a Medium's Reading?


Preparing myself for a Medium's Reading?

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A good starting point when preparing for a medium reading is to think about what you want and expect to get from the reading. 

It is relatively easy to find a medium these days but it is a good idea to consider how you might feel emotionally during a reading, particularly if you have very recently lost a loved one.

Understandably you may desperately want to make contact with the person you have recently lost but when you have a medium reading, it may be the case that you receive messages from other spirits and not necessarily the one you wanted to hear from most of all.

 This of course could be extremely disappointing and painful for you and you need to be in a strong enough place emotionally to cope with this.

When thinking about what you want and expect from a psychic medium, try not to be too specific about questions you want answered, as this may make you less receptive to what the reader is telling you from the spirits, which can introduce negative energy into the reading.

You may also need to be prepared to learn new information, which could be about your life, the lives of others you know, or even the loved one who has passed over. 
A spirit may want to warn or advise you of something to come which could help you make a decision with greater clarity.

How Can I Prepare Myself for a Medium's Reading?

 Some people find it useful to meditate before experiencing a reading, as having a calm state of mind can foster positive energy which helps the reader receive the spirits.

 As part of your meditation it might be helpful to think about the spirit you want to be present at the reading.  Think about how you felt about this person and still feel about them now that they have passed. 

Send the spirit your love and prayers, if appropriate, and tell them the specifics of when you are having your reading, as this can help the spirit come through.

It is important to remember that the spirit you were hoping would come through may not communicate with you. This doesn’t mean the particular spirit will not come through the next time you have a reading and it could simply be that the person who has passed over is on a different part of his or her journey in the spirit world, and is not ready to make contact.



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