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How to Handle the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster


If you are facing this situation, then healing thoughts with energy, are wrapping around you right now from all of us at TheCircle.

Any kind of enforced change, not of your own making or choice, can be very hard to handle.  Life is reduced to basics in a second and you rally to try and cope.  Cope you will, rest assured of that.

Keep your thoughts simple


Simplicity comes into play and if you can keep your thoughts as simple as possible, this is a great help. It allows your mind to quieten down and for you to muster the strength to manage. Your calmness also helps to keep those around you calm, especially the younger ones.

Your mind will race onto all the things that must be done, as it tries to see the whole picture. This is one of those situations where seeing the whole picture is not necessarily helpful. Breaking it down into which step to tackle next, and focussing on that, will also help keep you and your loved ones calm.
Unexpected changes can be a dreadful shock to the system, but as the shock starts to wear off, you adapt. As you adapt, you can see a way through and as you embrace these changes, there could well be good coming from them.

Natural disaster can bring communities together in a good way

We have all heard about the ‘spirit of the blitz’ from World War Two and a natural disaster can bring communities together in a good way. In this complicated and technological ridden life we all lead, stepping back to basics allows people to reach out to people face to face. We share what we have, with those who have lost possessions and sometimes their home. Everyone pulls together to give help and support where it is needed. Love is expressed in action and we all benefit from that. We meet people we would never have met before and new friendships are formed that can last the rest of our lives.
We learn even more about our loved ones and those closest to us, as we all pull together. For those who struggle most, their loved ones get creative as they lovingly wrap them up in care.
Community and common buildings are put to use in new ways and equipment is utilised to provide the basics for all those affected. The simplest things and actions can bring comfort. There is no right or wrong way of doing things, you all learn as you go along, pulling on the skills and talents of all those involved. A ‘team spirit’ will come into being and that lifts all involved.
Our natural instinct is to re-create exactly what we had before. There is a possibility that life has given you pause to stop and reflect on what happens next. Maybe it is time for change. Whatever you face, a helping hand is there for you at TheCircle, as the gifted readers can help you through probably one of the worst times of your life, with love and guidance. A lift, just when you need it most.
Hold the belief that all will work out, because it will.

PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014

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