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How To Find Love


Life throws many lessons at us and this is how we grow and understand love. Experience teaches us what is positive and what is negative in relationships.



Do you look at other relationships and often wish you were with someone? Do you sometimes feel lonely and yearn for someone to cuddle up to? Do you wish you could share exciting moments with somebody you love? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you must feel you are ready to find love. Love does not grow on trees and cannot be bought, love is precious and all-encompassing, which is why it can take time to find. Some of us can fall for ‘the wrong types’ because we do not feel we deserve any better. Ask yourself ‘do I love myself?’ – this is the first step to finding a happy loving relationship that has mileage. Loving yourself first empowers you with a tick list for a potential partner, you quickly learn what you need, what you deserve, and what you will not accept.


So many of us look back at past relationships and shudder at the thought of why we ended up with that person! Life throws many lessons at us and this is how we grow and understand love. Experience teaches us what is positive and what is negative in relationships. It is important that you view past relationships as ‘in the past’ and therefore not having influence on future partners, not judging a present lover comparing them to someone from the past. New love should be exciting and special and you should be focussed on that, not the ‘what if’s’.
This is an exciting time where you discover each other and fall in love.


Deciding that you are ready to find new love is the first major step in finding it! Whether you decide to join a dating site, go on a blind date or just get out more with your friends, there are several small things you can do which will invite love into your life.
  • Confidence – confidence is always attractive! You exude an energy which conveys happiness, self-esteem and belief in yourself. This puts out the message, ‘I am approachable, friendly and fun’ to potential partners.
  • Smile – everyone loves a smile! In fact, smiling is apparently one of the most common first things that people say they liked about someone when they first saw them. A smile goes a long way and invites people to talk to you.
  • Don’t be negative – talking about past relationships, problems at work or at home on a first date can be off-putting to someone who is interested in you. Nobody wants to meet someone and feel they’ve been offloaded on, it can be draining and gives an instant sign that does not radiate happiness!
  • Don’t be needy – if you are single and they are single, the last thing that they want to come across is someone who appears needy. You are both independent people, responsible for yourselves and jumping feet first into a relationship which already shows signs of high dependency, will not be attractive.
  • Have fun – relax, enjoy and relish in the moment of the honeymoon period! This is an exciting time where you discover each other and fall in love.


Most of us would notice signs or get warning bells about someone who may not be suitable for us. It is much better to nip these issues in the bud, or not continue the relationship during these early stages, than wait until a later date. Early warning signs may be that this person has just very recently come out of a relationship – are they really ready to meet someone new or are they just feeling lonely? Somebody who appears to be or sound aggressive whether physically or verbally is a definite no-no, it will only get worse with time. Are they expecting you to do most of the running while they put in little effort in comparison? Perhaps you are simply not a good match character-wise and your opinions and outlook on life are very different.


Relationships and love play an enormously important part in our everyday life and our future. Most of us hope that we will meet someone, fall in love and settle down for the rest of our lives together. We aspire to have a close and loving relationship which is equal, supportive and everything we’ve ever dreamed of. True love is like no other feeling, it is all-consuming, a deepened emotion that bonds us together. There is no expectation, we could fall in love after a day or it could take longer. But when we find it, we treasure it and we nurture it so that it can grow and blossom for the rest of our lives.
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