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How To Cope With Loneliness At Christmas


There are many reasons why people can find themselves alone at Christmas such as death of a loved one, living far from relatives or social isolation. This means that there are many people who struggle to cope with the festive season.




To avoid feeling lonely during the silly season there needs to be some pre-planning. There needs to be a pro-active approach, this can be fun deciding how you are going to spend this time. Many charities ask for shoe boxes filled with little gifts for children or soldiers, dog charities ask for knitted blankets or coats. Making these up is creative and gives a sense of purpose during the run up to Christmas.

Activities for the holidays.

For the actual Christmas day and Boxing day you could:


  • Volunteer -This allows you to connect with others, boost your self-esteem and bring joy to others.
  • Accept Invitations - Don't be shy if people have invited you it's because they wanted to so accept and go.
  • Enjoy solitude - Plan a day for yourself dress up in your favourite outfit, cook your favourite foods, plan a movie marathon. Indulge yourself without feeling guilty. Many people in hectic families will actually be jealous of you!
  • Host an Orphan Christmas -You are not the only one who is alone, so gather others in similar circumstances and celebrate together.
  • Host an Online Christmas - Speak to online friends and relatives via Skype of Facebook.
  • Look after someone's pet - Offer to pet sit for people who have gone away, being with animals is always rewarding.
  • Work - If you have the option to work and you enjoy your job spend the day being productive. Save your holidays for when others are around.
  • Eat out - If you feel brave enough, book a restaurant for Christmas lunch, the atmosphere will help you feel involved.
  • Go on a cruise – If funds allow splurge and go on a cruise, people travel alone on cruises all the time.

If you are feeling really down about being alone at Christmas and you can't pull yourself out of it, reach out for help. Call a friend, family member or a helpline you don't need to be alone.

The wonderful readers at TheCircle will always be there for you, so give them a call and ask about what the future holds for you or ask to contact loved ones in Spirit. This will give you the support you need.

Most of all take time to appreciate what you do have in life, be it good health, a place to live, pets or food on the table. May I wish you a Happy Yuletide.

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