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How Do We Know Our Loved Ones Are Close?



When the people we love pass on to 'The World of Sprit' it is easy for us to think that their presence has gone. This is because of the grief that we are experiencing. It is true we will miss the 'person' but the spirit remains with us. This energy is what a 'spirit medium' can sense. If you know how to tune into your senses 'ghost signs' can be felt almost anywhere. We all have the ability to make the connection, some of us are more aware of the delicate signs than others. Here are a few tips and hints so you too can uncover the 'ghost signs' by using your five senses to open your sixth sense.


We can miss so much by just living in our own world, but your five senses can offer a glimpse of 'The Sprit World' Once we have learnt to recognise the signs whilst using our five senses.
How many of us take notice of our 'inner voice'? We wait for a loud voice to speak to us in our heads. Spirit will use 'thought' to communicate across the divide. We all might ask the question "Is my house haunted?" But how many of us really listen out for the answer? By training your thoughts and quieting your mind the answers are more likely to come through. You cannot sense spirit if your mind is so full of chaos you cannot hear yourself think. This is where your sense of smell can instantly transform your mind into a quiet peaceful state. Using just one of your favourite scents put a few drops into a scent burner, sit down and relax, at first only for a few minutes. Try to repeat this daily, by the end of a few days your mind will associate relaxation with that particular scent. This will be your scent when connecting with spirit. Your mind will be able to listen out for the answer to your questions. Like anything connected to spirit keep it simple and it will soon become routine.


Spirit is pure energy, so when we want to experience a paranormal event it helps if we can first relax. Spirit will always be close, just a touch away.   Remember, spirit are not mortal, so they only have memories of how it feels to eat. We use our sense of taste every single day, but we struggle to describe 'taste' when we cannot see the food we are eating. With a friend explore the different tastes and textures of foods with your eyes shut. Spirit will often put the tastes of their favourite foods into our thoughts. If we have learnt to recognise these flavours it will bring spirit that little bit closer.


Every object holds onto the energy signature of its owner. Houses are especially good at this. If you want to feel this energy 'Psychometry' is the ideal way. By using your sense of touch you will be able to feel the pervious occupants, wooden doors seem to hold a lot of energy. But by far the best way to use 'Psychometry' is by removing your shoes and socks and walking around the property in your bare feet. Always remember to quiet your mind first by using your chosen scent.


Spirit is only a thought away, by training yourself to use your five senses to unlock your 'sixth' sense you may never have to ask again 'Is my house Haunted?' But if you do need any help understanding spirit or interpreting your own messages, TheCircle can help guide you. And because you may not want to wait for answers you can connect to a 'medium' whenever you want to. TheCircle has mediums available 24 hours a day seven days a week. So why not try and reach out for spirit, you are never alone.  
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