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Help! I've Lost Interest In Life


Maybe you’re usually the kind of person who’s buzzing with enthusiasm and ideas, or maybe you’ve been a bit ‘Yeah, whatever!’ for ages.  But life is precious and you’re not living it to the full if you don’t have some zest.  Being interested in life keeps depression at bay, enables you to cope with setbacks, and is generally great for health and wellbeing.  You deserve to wake up in the morning with a sense of happy anticipation, so make it happen!




There could be quite a few reasons why you’ve lost interest in life.  Being clear about this is your first step.
When you were a child, were you told that what you loved to do was pointless, stupid, or even harmful?  Were you made to do other things that you found boring?  If so, this may have crushed something inside you.  Even if this hasn’t always been an issue, recent events could have brought the past back.  Be your own analyst and think about this.  Maybe you need to learn to play.
Have you suffered a recent setback that you’re trying to be strong about?  Bottling up your disappointment is sure to take away your oomph.
Has something upset you, emotionally?  If you aren’t honest with yourself you will find it hard to move on.
Are you forcing yourself to do something you hate, on a regular basis?  Is it worth it?  It could be killing something inside you.
Are you suffering from burn-out?  You can overdo it, even with occupations you find fulfilling.
Maybe this feeling has come from nowhere.  It happens, and it’s a phase in life we all go through.  It won’t last.


Don’t worry, and don’t force the issue.  It’s likely that you simply need ‘time out’.
Just do what you enjoy.  If you believe you ‘shouldn’t’ start with giving yourself some time for this each day – maybe half an hour to an hour. 
Be prepared to consider some changes.  It could even be time for some major ones.  Wake yourself up with a fresh challenge.
Get rid of anything that is a significant drag, if you possibly can, or at least work towards freeing yourself.  If this isn’t possible, be very clear about why you are putting up with it, and remind yourself how well you’re doing, regularly. 
Pay attention to yourself and how you look.  Dress up, have a makeover, show yourself at your best.
Discuss how you feel with family, friends and readers at TheCircle.  It’s amazing how a kind, understanding and positive comment can turn you around.
Listen to music – choose some that you know will lift your mood.
Make sure you exercise.  This is sooo important.  You don’t have to do loads – have a brisk walk or dance for ten minutes and everything looks so much brighter! 
What did you love to do as a child?  What hobbies/pastimes have you put on hold because ordinary demands took over?  Find these again.  
Remember that support is available for you. Talking is amazingly helpful, and although your issues are unique, that shouldn’t cut you off from sharing. Maybe it will make more difference than you think. At TheCircle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can help you. Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some advice, insight and encouragement. A clairvoyant reading is a great way to get motivated and enthusiastic, so make contact with us without delay.


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