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Five Ways To Let Sadness Out


Life is a struggle for all of us at times, and sadness and negative thinking can become a habit. But if you want to be carefree, you may need to put in thought and effort. They say ‘happiness is a choice’ but sometimes we all need encouragement and information to make that choice. Try our five-point guide. 



Whatever happens in life we all have an inner core that is tranquil and eternal. Finding this can be a journey in itself, and one that can change your life on many levels. Commit to finding your inner wise-person through regular mindfulness or meditation. This is a treasure that can never be taken away, or tarnished.


Caring about other people isn’t all self-denial and hardship – far from it!  Genuinely empathising with another’s feelings and doing your best to help them and make them feel better does wonders for you, also. It floods your body with feel-good hormones and enables you to see the world as a better place. Set yourself a target of performing a couple of acts of ‘random kindness’ each day. When that has become a habit, double your target. Work towards turning six acts of kindness a day into a habit.  Soon you’ll feel uplifted.


We all know it’s best to let go of the past, although that isn’t always easy. When you find yourself replaying the past, try to see it as a film, that’s fading, fading until it is so blurred you can’t identify it. Or freeze-frame it, imagining it as photographs that you burn. You can also write down the events and unwanted emotions that cling, and burn the paper. If you haven’t talked about some aspects of the past, you truly need to do this for it will put things into perspective and enable you to let go.  Our readers at The Circle are always there for you, so why suffer alone?


Try to be grateful for all the blessings you have. Just to be able to walk out into nature, to be safe, to have food and warmth – all these are gifts that millions of people do not have. Be grateful for the fact that although you have problems, there is help available and you do not have to struggle alone. Be aware that gratitude does not involve guilt or obligation. It’s just letting in a bit of joy.


Be your own best friend.  Forgive yourself for your faults and mistakes. Never compare yourself to anyone. Envy is misplaced because you can never know what another person’s life is like. Feeling superior doesn’t make you a better or more successful person. Accept yourself as you are, and accept others, also. Take one massive step towards inner peace.  
Remember that support is available for you.  Of course it is good to talk, and although every sadness is unique that shouldn’t cut you off from sharing. Maybe it will make more difference than you think. At TheCircle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can help you. Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some advice, insight and encouragement.  A clairvoyant reading is a great way to shift your viewpoint, so make contact with us without delay.
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