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Five Candle Meditations to Ease Grief


Grief can seem overwhelming, but when you learn to lift yourself into other states of consciousness, solace can be found. There are several ways of ‘meditating’.  Deep meditation can involve emptying your mind, but that is difficult in Western culture, so visualising can work better.  For each of the following light a candle and ensure that you are warm and comfortable before you start.





Even if you prefer one of the other exercises, it’s best to start with this.  Make sure you are in a position to relax.  Stare at the candle flame and be aware of tension dissolving.  Focus on physical sensations – as you let go of the everyday your mind becomes lighter.  Keep your attention firmly on where you are, the sounds in the room, the brilliance of the flickering candle.  If your attention wanders, keep bringing it back to the here-and-now, observing all your sensory data.  Don’t assume you’re totally relaxed – keep checking through your body and you’ll find you can go even deeper.  Hold this for five minutes maximum at first.  This taste of stillness will help you.




As you look at the flame imagine that it is growing, its light extending, so that you are enveloped in a radiant sphere.  Be aware of the light seeking out all your sore places and soothing them.  The light-bubble is a place of safety for you, always waiting to welcome and heal




 When you’re totally relaxed, imagine that you are floating up, through the ceiling, up, up into the sky.  There you are bathed in starlight.  The stars bring profound healing and an awareness that this life is only a very small part of reality.  Enjoy your star journey until you are ready to return.




When you have achieved the deepest stillness you can manage, imagine that you are clothed in a white protective cloak.  Now you can ask for angelic healing.  If you become aware of another presence in the room, challenge it three times with the words ‘Do you come in love and trust, in the name of…’ [Here insert God, Goddess, an deity you wish, or simply ‘Truth’ ‘Peace’ or similar.]  A helpful spirit will remain with you, and have a gift for you. 




 Wearing your protective ‘cloak’, see yourself on a journey, through mountain, forest, open land, until you arrive at a temple.  Take your time over your journey, imagining all the details, and let your holy temple manifest.  Enter, and find healing in any way it is offered (following the steps in (4) if you encounter beings.) 

At the end of each of these meditations give yourself time to become grounded.  Remove your ‘cloak’.  Take a few deep breaths, pat your body and have a glass of water.  Write down your experiences.  If there is anything that puzzles you or about which you would like advice, our readers at The Circle are waiting to help

PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014

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