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Are You Having a Female Midlife Crisis


The female midlife crisis symptoms – should you embrace the change? Understanding the female midlife crisis, why it happens and what to expect…


The term ‘midlife crisis’ is often related to men who are generalised to have an affair in their forties, buy a sports car or motorbike and leave the family home. However, research shows that it is actually more common in women nowadays than men, affecting over 30% of women and having a somewhat life-changing influence on them.





The female midlife crisis is becoming more and more common. Psychologists report that although it is phrased as a ‘midlife’ occurrence, it can happen at any time and the average age is getting younger, now more common in a women’s thirties. However, as much as people joke about the fact that they may be having a midlife crisis, it can actually be a very damaging and difficult process to go through, especially depending on the outcome. The female midlife crisis is thought to happen for various reasons, whether it’s because the children have flown the nest and the woman feels lost, or because she loses a parent, there certainly is a link to ‘identity crisis’.
We suddenly do not feel like we belong and we are confused about our current existence…




An identity crisis can be part of the female midlife crisis symptoms. It happens when there is a change in our life, when something from the norm isn’t there anymore and we feel bewildered and lost within ourselves. We question who we are and what is our purpose in life. It could be when we leave a company that we have been working at for a long time, it could be when our marriage breaks down and we get divorced, or it could simply happen for no obvious reason at all. But somehow, we suddenly do not feel like we belong and we are confused about our current existence and our future. We feel a need to change something, to ascertain who we are to give us a more solid belief in ourselves.





The female midlife crisis symptoms vary so there is nothing set in stone, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. There is no female midlife crisis cure, but speaking to a professional counsellor will help you through what could be a difficult time.

Some women report to have similar symptoms and the most typical symptoms seem to occur under the following circumstances:
CHILDREN – When the children have left home and no longer need their mother 24/7. Especially if you have been a stay at home mum and cared for your children, life is quieter and your daily tasks reduce.

CHANGE IN WORK – Many women seem to feel they need a release from a job that they have worked in long-term. There is a sudden need for freedom, to escape the mundane daily routine and to set themselves free.

MARRIAGE – Women report to unexpectedly want to leave their husbands, although many say they have not been happy for years. They seem to make hasty decisions, believing that this is the change they have been craving.

THE MENOPAUSE – The change in hormones during the menopause can sometimes make women react and respond to events in a different way. They also feel that ‘the change’ is highlighting the fact that they are getting older.

GRIEF – Many women report that losing a parent becomes a huge turning point in their life, making them realise that life is for living and that if they want to be happy, they need to do something about it.

Perhaps, the change they have craved has always been there and it has simply taken a catalyst of some sort to trigger action to make it happen…




While some women have been glad to come out the other end of a midlife crisis with their marriage, job and family still intact, others have embraced the changes they have made. Perhaps unhappy marriages have only stayed together for the children and that now they have flown the nest, life will be better apart. During a female midlife crisis, women may do something out of character such as change the way they look, decide they suddenly want to move abroad, or buy the car they have always dreamed of. Perhaps, the change they have craved has always been there and it has simply taken a catalyst of some sort to trigger action to make it happen. Change in life is good for most of the time and if it makes us happier and more fulfilled long-term, then maybe it’s the right thing.
Sadly, some women do not think about the consequences at the time, and end up losing everything…




The female midlife crisis can certainly be held responsible for certain negative events and dramatically life changing incidents. Seeking help from a professional counsellor will be beneficial, especially as the midlife crisis can have very selfish traits, men and women both forgetting about their loved ones, and instead only thinking about themselves. The consequences of a fling or affair could break down a marriage, the family home, losing the respect of the children and family members that you love. Sadly, some women do not think about the consequences at the time, and end up losing everything. The female midlife crisis can affect everyone, from husbands, children and family to work colleagues and friends. While there is no female midlife crisis cure, it is important to think about the outcomes and the consequences and to make sure that even if you’re going through a difficult time, you’re not hurting others.





Are you experiencing a female midlife crisis? Make sure that the changes that you want to make are for your highest good and that you think carefully about the end result. If you’re not sure what to do, let us help you. Speak to the UK’s most gifted and experienced psychics at TheCircle. Find out what’s in store for you in the future.



PUBLISHED: 14 July 2016

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