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When You Feel You've Lost Everything


Everything you care about has gone.   What you needed, loved, lived for has disappeared from your life.  You wish you wouldn’t wake up in the morning and at night you find it hard to get to sleep. You may have a vertigo sensation, as if you’re falling – even disappearing.  This is despair, ‘the dark night of the soul’, and you don’t want to go on any more.  You may even be thinking of ending it all – but that can’t be the right solution. Reach out in the darkness and find hope.



What you are experiencing is a feeling – yes – and an important one that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.  But it isn’t reality.  There are people in the world who have lost what you could call ‘everything’.  These are poor souls in war-torn areas whose family, friends, belongings and neighborhood are all gone and who are injured and disabled.  Unless you are one of these, you still have something.  This is not to say that you are not worthy of support and sympathy – of course you are – and the knowledge that there is ‘always someone worse off than you are’ is no help.  But trying to accept, mentally, the fact that you have not lost everything can be a starting point on which to try to build a better outlook.


There are many people who have been where you are and who have come through this, to lead happy and fulfilling lives.  Even if you cannot imagine this, try to take it on board.  It’s a fact.
Underneath your despair they may be a lot of anger – at the world and maybe other people.  Be aware of this and try to make sure that you don’t take the anger out on yourself.  Why cut off your nose to spite your face?
A spiritual outlook is a great help and sometimes when we feel at our worst, that is when the light breaks through.
It is so important to talk to people about what you’re going through.  When you start to open up, you may be surprised at the empathy you receive.
Practicing mindfulness can be a great help.  Keeping your consciousness in the moment and staying calm will eventually open you to other perspectives.
Do your best to focus on physical sensations – walking in parks and woodlands, having an aromatherapy massage, being warm and comfortable – all these can bring consolation if you concentrate on them.
Stand, or sit up straight!  This has a definite effect on your hormones, and every little helps, right now.
Try to imagine a time in the future when you feel completely differently.  This doesn’t have to be rational – bring a bit of magic into the picture and visualise the world how you want it to be.  The more real you can make this the more the chemicals in your brain will change, eventually enabling you to make some of that ‘magic’ come true.
That feeling of losing everything can go very deep and may be a major threat to your well-being.  Remember, talking can be a great consolation.  At The Circle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can help you.  Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, and get some advice, insight and support.  A clairvoyant reading can show ways to move forwards, so make contact with us without delay.
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