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Do You Have a Fear of Missing Out?


Is social media changing our life in a negative way? What is fear of missing out? Are we fearing that unless we are checking statuses all the time, that we are missing out on something?



How often do you log on to social media? With outside life now accessible through our fingertips, we live in a rapidly changing technical world, with many of us caught in a web of constant communication. The way that the world has developed over the last two decades has allowed humans to be consistently in the know and has made nearly everything in life easy to control from the sofa. While this is amazing for us, research shows that many people are developing ‘Fomo’. What is Fomo? The Fomo meaning is simply ‘fear of missing out’ and it has recently been recognised as a genuine psychological disorder. Having fear of missing out syndrome means that, sadly, many of us do not manage to switch off from information overload unless we are asleep.





The fear of missing out syndrome is a need for constant communication, the desire to be part of a conversation, seeking attention and the need to have non-stop stimulation. It is a kind of addiction. It is a desire to need to know what’s going on in everyone’s life and can sometimes create negative feelings such as jealousy and worthlessness when we feel we are not living as exciting a life as others. Social media is not viewed as an interruption in life (it may have been until more recently), but instead a ‘connection’. Fomo is more common in teens and young people, while the older generation are more used to living life without the need for constant connection. Back in the day we had telephones and wrote letters – nowadays we have instant communication with friends all over the world.
“Surely someone, somewhere must be doing something exciting or interesting at this time of night – I better just check”





It is 1am and you can’t sleep. What do you do, pick up a book, make a cup of tea – or look on your phone? “Surely someone, somewhere must be doing something exciting or interesting at this time of night – I better just check”. Is this familiar? Do you have an empty feeling when you have no Wi-Fi, or can’t access communications? The Fomo meaning seems to be somewhat taking over our life and most of us are probably not as aware as we should be. Fear of missing out syndrome is not only about feeling excluded from social media, it can also be other situations, such as going away and fearing that you’re missing out on what will happen at home with your friends or having to stay home from school.




Recognising that you have a fear of missing out helps you to realise that perhaps you spend too much time worrying about what is going on in the outside world, and that maybe you need to focus more on yourself, your close family and friends and the life that you live. Here are some tips to help you in getting over your fear of missing out:

ASK YOURSELF: Is this something useful to me? Will I really be missing out? Is this relevant to reality and my life?

SWITCH OFF: Be strict with yourself, limit your usage of social media. Remember that if anything really important happens, someone will let you know about it anyway.

MAKE TIME: To do more active things, redecorate your house, do some gardening, go and see friends, have an evening out. Keeping yourself busy will be a good distraction and will train your mind to start thinking about other things.

FEEL GOOD FACTOR: Do something new which creates a buzz of excitement. Find a new hobby to take your eyes away from the screen.


You cannot control everything about your life and your future, and often this is something people most worry about. Knowing what the future holds is important to some so you can speak to the UK’s most talented psychics at TheCircle to find out what your future holds. Let go of your fear of missing out and focus on you, the here and the now. Empower yourself by setting free your anxieties and cares about what’s going on in everyone else’s life, and instead live your life and focus on yourself.



PUBLISHED: 30 May 2016


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