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Failing An Exam



After all that hard work the result comes back and you've failed!  It’s a really horrible feeling. But you can recover from this – honest! With each day that passes it will get easier, and believe it or not, good things can arise from this ‘failure’.  Follow these tips:



Allow yourself a few days of feeling awful – just as if you were ill.  Pamper yourself, hide away if you like, try to sleep.  This has been a shock and a disappointment and your whole system needs time to recover.
Turn to friends and family for consolation, encouragement and advice.  Do not tell yourself you've let them down.  This is your issue and you need support.
Find out exactly why you failed the exam.  This will mean talking to teachers and lecturers.  Maybe this was the wrong course for you, or maybe you didn't work quite hard enough.  For a while you may be too discouraged to go forwards, but that will change.
A part of you will probably be angry at the fact you didn't pass.  Make sure you don’t use this negatively, by making things worse for yourself.  Try to be positive.
Look realistically at your options.  Maybe you can change your plans and go ahead with something different – maybe this ‘failure’ is telling you that your choices weren't right for you.
If, after a while, you decide you really are on the right track and you need to pass this exam, take steps towards trying again and make ‘Never say die’ your motto.
Failing this exam will be a great teacher, if you let it.  If you re-take the subject, make sure you do something differently.  Maybe you need hypnotherapy to help you relax.  Possibly extra tuition is called for.  Try to learn about yourself and about life, so that you approach the next exam differently, and more powerfully.
Do not cut yourself off from friends who may have passed.  You also will go on to an interesting and fulfilling future – this is just a blip.
Remember all the things you've succeeded at.  You may have failed this exam, but that doesn't make you a ‘failure’.  So keep this in proportion because it’s all part of life’s tapestry.
Make sure you talk to people who've had the same, or similar, experiences, and who are up-beat about it!  Do not spend time with anyone who could discourage you even more.  How did they cope?  Maybe, looking back, they feel it was a good thing.  Perhaps they went on to be successful at something else, or kept going to win through in the end.
Once you've got over the initial reaction, start to get in the habit of creative visualisation, every day.  See yourself as successful and happy, in the situation that you want to be in. Each time you create a positive image you are helping to make this a reality, and eventually you will be living it. Every time you visualise you are doing something significant to repair your situation, and to go on to become a winner.
Failing an exam can feel like a huge matter, especially if your self-esteem isn't very high in the first place. You may need help to keep this in proportion. At The Circle you can always contact a psychic or medium who can advise you, and give you hope and direction for the future. Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some insight and support. A clairvoyant reading can show ways to move forwards, so make contact with us without delay.
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