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Do You Dream of Teeth Falling Out?


Did you know that one of the most common dreams is to dream of teeth falling out? Read on to find out why a losing teeth dream can actually help you!


Surprisingly, however unpleasant, to dream of teeth falling out is actually very common! In fact, it is probably a rare occurrence for somebody not to have ever experienced this dream. It can be quite tricky to find out what dreams mean but why is this such a common dream and how is it interpreted? When we are asleep, having a dream of teeth falling out, can be such a horrifying ordeal, especially if the dream is incredibly vivid and realistic. Some dream interpreters suggest that very ‘vivid’ dreams are a vision, nature’s way of our sub conscious enabling us to be forewarned about an upcoming situation that lies ahead. Experiencing a vivid dream of teeth falling out does not really mean that it’s going to happen, it just means that there may be a message in there somewhere.
We do not want to feel vulnerable, powerless or lose our independence…




Our teeth are such an important part of us in life and we need to be able to eat or we would not survive. Therefore, having dreams of teeth falling out is suggestive that we are ‘anxious’ about survival, existence or some part of our life that feels threatened in some way. Understanding what dreams mean is important so that we can use them to our advantage in real life. We do not want to feel vulnerable, powerless or lose our independence. There are many reasons to have a teeth falling out dream and because this feels like a traumatic experience, we tend to ignore (or not remember) what else happened in the dream. It is important to try and remember where we were, who we were with or what we were doing. These other key aspects of the dream are often more significant when we try to interpret it.





As a losing teeth dream is so common, it is worth exploring all the possible reasons behind the dream. This dream reflects a great deal of ‘anxiety’ over a situation:
ANXIOUS – over a situation, a place or a person. This is often the most common contributor for teeth falling out dream meanings.

APPEARANCE – worrying about getting older, your appearance, how you are perceived by the outside world. Being overly anxious or worried about how you look.

AN ENDING – broken teeth or losing teeth dream can mean a change in circumstances or an ending in a relationship or situation

LYING & DECEIT – this dream is often of false teeth, and portrays that something is being covered up. If you have dreamt of having false teeth, are you not being truthful about something?

There are many different dreams we have about our teeth, which often come down to anxiety…




Some of us don’t only have dreams about teeth falling out, it is also common for us to dream of other scenarios involving our teeth. For example, a dream where we have bright, shiny, healthy teeth can mean that we are confident and may mean that something we are trying to do will be very successful. A dream about ‘pulling teeth’ can be perceived as something which you feel you have to do, but which may be difficult to face. It’s important to try and remember this kind of dream, especially if the teeth are easy to pull – which actually means you will find it easier to do the task that is required. Having loose or wobbly teeth in dreams foretells a feeling of unease about a situation and perhaps a fear of losing something or someone important to you. There are many different dreams we have about our teeth but they often all come down to anxiety.





Do you dream of teeth falling out? Are you anxious about something in your life? You can speak to the UK’s most talented psychics and dream interpreters at TheCircle to understand your dreams and empower yourself for the future? When we dream of teeth falling out, whether consciously or subconsciously, we are anxious about something. Feeling anxious or worrying about your future cannot change it, so it is almost wasted energy. Focus on the positive and take your dreams as valuable messages for yourself and for your future. It is important to feel in control of your future and empowered by all the positive aspects in your life.




PUBLISHED: 9 May 2016


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