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Disposing Of Your Loved One's Possessions


The only certainty in life is that, one day, it will end. However, when death takes someone we love, the emotions can be overwhelming, and it may seem impossible to cope. Even in the darkest hour there is always light, and it is vital to keep faith, and to realise that however hard it may be to imagine, the time will come when we will feel better again.


One of the reasons it can be so difficult to deal with death is because within our culture it is rarely spoken of, or seen. When someone passes on, their body is kept by undertakers, and death becomes institutionalised. But it is possible to say goodbye, and to realise the profound truth that this is not forever. The loss of someone close can have an amazing bonus in that we feel them with us.


 This sensation can be very strong, and should be trusted - after all, the vast majority of cultures believe in an afterlife, and  there is a whole raft of evidence and anecdotes to support this.  A dear  one on the other side can give palpable reassurance that death is not  the end, and better things await us, when we are eventually reunited. In order to help you cope, try the following

  • Still your thoughts and reach out to your loved one. Words and sensations will probably come to you, reassuring you they are near.
  • Read encouraging accounts of life after death, reincarnation etc.
  • Make sure you only spend time with people who are helpful – this is no time to be polite.
  • Feel a connection with your loved one in all the memories and mementoes you have.


Holding onto a loved one's belongings

You should not feel hurried about this. In a natural way there comes a time for getting rid of material objects. When you are newly bereaved it may feel important to hang on to everything the deceased owned. It is not unhealthy to cling to physical reminders, especially at first. When you are ready, deal with possessions in bite-sized pieces. It is bound to be upsetting as you handle belongings that will inevitably bring back memories, some of which may be extremely poignant. You may also find out things about the deceased which surprise you, especially when going through letters and diaries. Remember that every living soul has secrets. So your loved one had a hidden side – when you think about it, doesn’t the same thing apply to you? What opinions might someone form from going through your things?



They would not necessarily be the correct ones, so hold on to the perceptions that you have, for the closeness between you was – and is - real. It will help if you make sure that everything your loved one owned amounts to something.

  • Let friends and family take their pick from what is left, enjoying little gifts of things like jewellery and ornaments. Pass clothes on to charity shops – someone else will benefit from their style or comfort. Books, bags, household items – someone is waiting to use and cherish them.
  • Recycle everything you can, so the energy is returned to humanity. Make a bonfire of articles that are truly rubbish, and as the flames rise, recognise the power of transformation – nothing is ever destroyed, it merely changes and moves on.
  • Last but not least, keep a selection of special things for yourself. A little bit of the person you love remains in each of their belongings, and having these close to you will form a subtle but powerful link.

Possessions are here to be used and enjoyed, but they do not last, any more than human life lasts. What does last, and never dies, is love. The love that was between you will go on, into eternity, and its power will unite you always. When times are at their most difficult, remember that the bond between you can never be broken.


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