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Dealing with Regret


We all have regrets – that job offer we turned down, that date we never accepted – it’s only natural to wonder what would have happened if we’d made different choices. Inevitably in life, things go wrong. Relationships don’t turn out the way we want, career doesn’t take off etc. Maybe it could all have been so different? Mostly regrets are fleeting and we go forwards again. But if you are stuck with the feeling you’ve done the wrong thing, remorseful and wistful, then you need to sort this out before you waste your potential.



If regret is a problem for you then chances are your life isn’t so great. And do you know one of the best ways to ensure it carries on downhill? Live in the past, longing to change what you did! You cant go back, so learn to go forwards.


If you’re imagining how much better things could have turned out, challenge that assumption. You cannot really know what would have been, and despite your imaginings they might have ended up much worse. Re-write the ‘story’ you’re telling yourself. See that wonderful relationship turning sour, that promising job being boring. You can even include accidents and mishaps in your ‘plot’ – who knows what you’ve been spared on your chosen path?  Tell yourself this story, embellish it and repeat it. You may even like to write it down.  Quite soon that new, unpleasant version of the past will replace the rosy one, and you’ll be glad of the life you have


If you’re bothered by remorse, wishing you hadn’t hurt someone or done something nasty, then turn that energy into doing good now. Throw yourself into some worthwhile project or just perform regular acts of random kindness, telling yourself you’re repairing what you did. Don’t add to the negativity by going over and over it


If it’s at all possible, say you’re sorry and make amends. But if you do this, be careful not to open old wounds or repeat old patterns. The intention is to heal and move on, not go backwards


Look at all the good things you now have. Most of them you quite probably take for granted. But some or all of these things might not be there at all if you’d gone by a different route. Imagine what life would be like without them – and then return, gratefully, to reality


Are there changes you can make, ambitions you could still fulfill? If you’ve been wallowing in regret there will be opportunities that you’ve missed. Start thinking positively and move forwards. Take up fresh challenges, try different activities. Become enthusiastic about the present and then the past will fade into insignificance   
Sometimes you can get really ‘stuck’ and try as you might regrets seem to suffocate you. If dealing with your regrets seems impossible, you need something very personal and special to enable you to move on. At TheCircle you can always contact a Psychic or Medium who can help you. Benefit from a Psychic Reading, check your horoscope, have advice, insight and support. A Clairvoyant Reading is a big step in the right direction, so make contact with us without delay.
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