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Coping With Christmas Alone


It’s a time for families, couples, children.  Everywhere you see images of smiling faces looking into other smiling faces.  The countdown to the Big Day is underway – shopping, planning meals, juggling commitments.  For you December 25th is a blank, with no-one to open presents with or to cook for.  You even find yourself envying people you hear moaning about the demands of their kids or in-laws.  How are you going to get through the festivities all on your own?  Here are some strategies.





Don't be taken in by image.  Christmas is all about ‘image’ and it’s a lovely one, of happiness, togetherness, peace, love and that sprinkling of magic over it all.  But image is sooo not reality!  For many people Christmas is a stressful scrabble to get things done, a time of anxiety and tension as expectations are high and folks who don’t get on pretend to be sweetness and light.  Yes, we all long for Christmas but the vast majority of us do not get what it says on the tin.  So hold the wonderful image of Christmas in your heart, for that is where it is real, and from there it can shine out to enhance your life.

Do some kind acts.
It’s a cliché you’ve probably heard so many times that it goes in one ear and out the other but it’s true that making other people happy also gives you contentment.  It’s even been proved by science.  If you have no family and there really is no friend you can be nice to, look for charities that care for people at Christmas.  If you don’t feel comfortable with other humans, then there are also animals that need love, shelter and food.  Even if you feel too resentful and unhappy to get motivated, make yourself.  Start your search for something meaningful to do at Christmas now!   Once you get up some momentum, you could be amazed by your enthusiasm.

Ask for what you want.
If you are one of those people who needs extra help at Christmas – perhaps because you are old, or ill – get in contact with any charities you think could help.  Tell your neighbours you’re on your own.  Lives are hectic and it’s easy to forget about a person up the road who may be lonely.  But that doesn’t mean no-one wants to know.  At Christmas especially it’s heart-warming to think you’ve kept someone company, and we all benefit from hearing about the life-experiences of others.  Think of it this way – by letting folk help you, you are giving them an amazing gift.  Don’t be proud, don’t be scared.  Reach out, until loving hands reach back to you.

Plan your day.
Maybe you can’t have a picture-book festive season, but you do have choices and on Christmas Day you can please yourself.  Have the food you like, the films and programmes you like, the rest, the music, the walks…whatever.  Think of it as your day.

Dream of the future.
  If you’re not having the fulfillment you long for, resolve to spend half an hour on Christmas Day making plans for the future.  These could involve joining clubs, phoning old contacts, taking up an interest.  You can start putting it into action on 27th – promise yourself.

Get connected.
  If you go on the Net at Christmas you’ll find you aren’t the only one who’s alone.  If you aren’t familiar with the Internet then your gift to yourself could be learning all about its benefits so you can make the most of them in the New Year.

Choose a pet. Of course a dog is for life, not just Christmas, but if you only have yourself to please you can be clear about what you want and give your pet time to settle in.  Never underestimate the healing power of animals.

Go on a holiday.  If your funds will allow, you may be better off going on holiday at Christmas.  There are plenty of singles breaks to choose from.  If things have been especially tough, something challenging involving walking or exploring could bring you out of yourself.  Contact with other cultures can be a great way to restore perspective.

Remember it's just one day.
Okay, Christmas magnifies issues and anything that isn’t right seems overwhelming, but that won’t last.  Chalk up anything you tackle or undergo as an achievement, to strengthen or teach you.  Next year it will be different – promise yourself.

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PUBLISHED: 8 December 2014

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