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Closure: Clearing Emotional Debris


Endings can be very painful. A relationship break up or other losses such as unemployment or death can be lonely and hard to navigate.  We tend to have psychic readings when we are going through traumatic experiences to try and make sense of our feelings and have hope for the future. Psychics can see the “big picture” and help us work towards a way forward. When we are in the midst of an emotional crisis we tend to only focus on the pain of the moment rather than dealing with a positive strategy that would give us closure.


Psychic readings will never give the complete picture, Spirit knows that we have to work out and learn from difficult situations. When somebody dies, however hard it is to accept, it was their souls purpose to be with us for a specific time, even if it seems far too brief.

Relationship closure is hard to handle

as emotional investment and trust in another person is destroyed. Dreams of a happy future together have been trampled on. Loneliness and unanswered questions play on our minds.

To start healing, use the tools of introspection and taking responsibility for actions that were counter productive. Getting rid of the emotional dross is one of the most painful stages of closure. Deal with it, don’t run away.

You need to take control and embrace relationship closure

Holding on to “what if” or expecting explicit answers for a break up is allowing the past to dominate the present. Even though you have every right to know why the relationship has ended, the answers may never be divulged. The most unhealthy personalities indulge in a fury of destructive and unrealistic behavior. When you follow your ex to their birthday party or try to destroy their new relationship it is time to get professional help. Don’t let this be you.

Allow yourself a period of grief

It’s natural to feel devastated. Pretending the relationship is not over is dangerous and limiting. Create your own ritual ending by putting away photos and memorabilia from the relationship. It can be productive to burn them to give a sense of finality.

Be brave and get out there, make new friends and do something completely different. By embracing change you could meet the love of your life. Hanging on to the past creates negativity and insecurity.

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