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Avoid Autumn Melancholy


When the leaves go brown and the autumn mists rise it’s easy to slip into melancholy. If you’ve recently gone through any kind of loss or bereavement this may be worse. But this season can be positive and uplifting if you tune into its enchantment and find inner harmony.
In the following we look at:
  • Cleaning out rubbish to feel empowered
  • New hobbies
  • Positive visualization
  • Spiritual growth




Cleaning is something you may associate mostly with the Spring, but Autumn cleansing also has its place. As the trees shed leaves they no longer need, so you can also get rid of anything in your life stopping you from moving on.
Autumn sorting has a slightly different emphasis compared to Spring sorting. Whereas in Spring you’re making room for new activity, in Autumn it’s time to give pride of place to what you value. If this is buried under a pile of clutter, how can you enjoy it? Autumn is harvest time – your own life’s ‘harvest’ is contained in your treasures. All the chaff gets in the way, if you let it.
Getting rid of rubbish is a very therapeutic activity, whatever. It enables you to feel in control and empowered. It can also be inspiring. You’ve made space. Everything looks better – so what else are you going to do?


The darker nights draw you indoors and can encourage new hobbies. What can you do that’s relaxing, yet creative, enabling you to stay in the warm but still feel you’ve done something? Choose a hobby that fits in with your life. If you are generally busy, something that you can pick up and put down such as knitting or embroidery might work, whereas if you have long evenings to fill you might like to commit to pottery, painting or similar.
Autumn, at the beginning of the new academic year, has traditionally been the start of evening classes. Why not learn something completely new? Choose a subject that interests you and you will meet kindred spirits also. This can’t fail to expand your life and ideas.
Creating something, seeing the evidence of your own positive effort can be very healing and encouraging, whatever difficulty you’ve experienced.


Most of us daydream and as the darkness gathers, it’s much easier to find yourself caught up in negative imagination. Maybe you go off into fantasies of misfortune and disaster, directed by your fears. Or possibly you think wistfully of something you’ve lost or wish for the impossible.
This is a habit you need to modify and turn to your advantage. If you are a natural daydreamer, dream about something that you want, something that however wonderful it may be is actually possible.  
If you catch yourself caught up in unhappy imaginings, take a deep breath. Go and light a candle and sit in front of it. Still your mind for a moment by staring at the dancing flame. Breathe out gently and completely, imagining that you are expelling all negativity.
Now decide to dream about something you want, something joyful and fulfilling. Do this in as much detail as you can, experiencing all the emotions, seeing the scenes and people, hearing sounds, touching things, even smelling the scents involved in your fantasy. Do this for as long as you can.  
If you’re not practiced at this, at first you may not be able to keep it up for long, but do it for as long as you feel comfortable. As time goes by your dream-time will extend. After a while you’ll be able to get lost in building a new world for yourself, for longer and longer. Then you’ll begin to experience a fabulous result. Your positive thoughts will draw happy events into your life and eventually your dreams will come true.


Spring brings physical growth, in green shoots, blossom and young animals. In Autumn the ‘growth’ is hidden, but just as important. This time of year favours meditation, reflection and exploration of belief-systems.
Spiritual growth means being aware of deeper meanings in life beyond the everyday, and increasing your awareness of this. You may like to meditate, practice mindfulness, find out about various faiths and philosophies or even do something just for fun, like ghost hunting.
The more you become aware of other realities the less the unpleasant aspects of your current reality will seem to matter. Spiritual perspectives can be liberating, opening the pathway to serenity and bliss.



In the above we have looked at clearing out your space, starting new activities, positive visualisation and exploring personal growth. Try some or all of these, if you feel a little down, and watch those blues melt away. But if you’re really struggling, help is at hand. Our cheery Readers are waiting for your call with words of wisdom and encouragement, so put in a call without delay and feel heartened.

PUBLISHED: 12 September 2017


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