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Are You Being Affected by a Spiritual Presence?


There are several types of spiritual presence and many ways you may be affected.  Influences from the spirit world can be dramatic and obvious, with actual sightings and physical manifestation, but that’s quite rare.  Far more common are feelings and small happenings that also have other explanations – and yet somehow these ‘explanations’ aren’t totally satisfactory.


If you are being affected by a spiritual presence, this may be comforting and uplifting, or it may be depressing, frightening and even harmful.  It’s easy to put all this down to ‘moods’ and ‘coincidences’ or even practical situations, such as dampness.  These can all be part of the picture, but they probably aren’t the full story.



All places have their own atmosphere, and in fact it’s true to say there are spirits of a kind almost everywhere – it’s just that some are more easily felt than others.  If you are at all sensitive you will be aware of an atmosphere as you enter a room – even people who don’t consider themselves in the least psychic will have some idea when there’s been an argument going on, or secrets whispered.  Empty rooms and buildings also have an atmosphere.  You will be aware of this most strongly when you first go in, but it’s easy to get used to the atmosphere of a familiar place, just like you get used to the wallpaper. If you think there may be a presence at work, put aside your thoughts and concerns and be mentally peaceful before you enter.  What do you sense? How do you feel?  In this way you can get an impression of the type of presence at work.




This is an extension of ‘atmosphere’.  If you move into a place and start to feel depressed and on edge, or you and your family keep being ill, it is possible that unhappy spirits are affecting you.  Consult our psychics for advice on how to deal with this



If this is what you sense, open your heart and be consoled.  Many people who have lost a loved one experience this.  Your dear one is trying to comfort you from the other side, or it may be that spirit guides and angels are sending healing.  Trust this and let yourself benefit from it.  Our expert readers can help you understand.




One of the most common ways that spirits manifest is through electrical disturbances and disruption to sensitive equipment.  There may be power cuts, strange happenings with phones, TVs and computers, clocks that stop and start for no apparent reason, doorbells that ring but there’s no-one outside, and many others.  Take note of when these happen – for instance if a clock stops and starts, what time does it show?  Could that time be important, for some reason?  It’s possible a spirit is trying to get a message through, or this could be random.  Keep an open mind.






Do you sometimes wonder if you’re losing your mind, because your keys aren’t where you’re sure you left them, or your purse or wallet turns up on the bed, when you’re certain you put it in the kitchen?  It’s very common for spirits to move familiar items around.  Try to take this calmly, even ask the spirit what it wants from you.  Sending out feelings of love is the best way to react.




If your dog or cat seems to be following something with their eyes, or is distressed, or happy for no apparent reason, this could be because they are more perceptive than you.  Pets are a good indication of a spirit presence.  But even if your dog whines, don’t worry.  The animal may sense a lost loved-one, or want to get close to a compassionate being.  Only if your animal is plainly terrified should you be concerned.  Then please contact our team of psychics, in the first instance, for help and advice.      




Unexplained sounds are another indication of spirits.  It’s easy to dismiss them, and indeed they may be floorboards settling and pipes cooling – but they may not be.  Take note of what you hear, and when, and link this again with the ‘atmosphere’ you sense, to get an idea of the type of presence.




Are you imagining it?  Probably not.  That’s how we begin to sense Spirit, so there’s no need to reason it away.




These are very often a spirit manifestation, so don’t blame blocked drains, leaks or spilled perfume.  Someone could be trying to tell you something.

There are many types of spirit, starting with those who are highly evolved, such as your guides and angelic beings, through people or animals that have passed on, to poltergeists and some real unpleasant spirits (that are thankfully rare).  There are plenty of spirit phenomena that are mere ‘imprints’ with no intelligence or intention.  These are like reflections, or re-runs of dramatic events from the past, that have made a strong impression in the ether, and they are often responsible for ‘atmospheres’.  If your experiences are in any way worrying, or you want to understand them more deeply, we can help you.  At The Circle you can always contact a psychic or medium for support.  Benefit from a psychic reading, check your horoscope, get some advice, insight and encouragement.  A clairvoyant reading is very reassuring, so make contact with us without delay.


PUBLISHED: 9 February 2015

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