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Are You Using Addiction as a Substitute for Grief?


Addiction is a word that we all shy away from. We think it happens to others and deny that we may have some bad habits of our own. It is human nature to adopt habits. However many of us get hooked on something to block the emotional pain of a past situation.



Addiction can be a substitute


Addiction can become a substitute for depression or lack of love in our present lives. Addictions will give us a temporary buzz and a high. We cannot resist repeating our actions again, even if the moment of euphoria was brief. We may hate ourselves afterwards for doing this. Our minds and bodies become reliant on this crutch.

We may fool ourselves and others that we are happy and in control, however it is very easy get lost in an addictive cycle. Finding something to temporarily numb these painful and destructive feelings of loss, depression or grief works.

No matter how hard you try to get out of this maze you end up back where you started, still lost. Repeating the habit allows us to temporarily escape from the reality of our personal situation again. However we are becoming a prisoner to this addiction.

Be it comfort eating, dieting, self-harming, alcohol, drugs, exercise or compulsive online gambling/gaming or shopping, you are out of control. Children too are prey to addictive computer games, social media etc as adults can be. We can get so confused by the material world that it can dominate our lives and disconnect us.

Reconnect with people. Call a trained TheCircle reader who will listen and support you whatever your situation.


Try to replace your bad habits with a better one


The hardest thing for any addict is to admit to themselves that they have a problem.

Replacing a bad habit with a better one is a good test - If you fancy alcohol have a cup of tea instead or, if you are switching on the computer from habit, phone someone instead for a chat.
If you are unable to do this and keep succumbing to temptation:-

•    Admit it is time to ask others for help. Swallow your pride.

•    Action shows strength not weakness.

•    It is time to approach the trained professionals. Open up.

You want help reaching the root of your problems that have triggered this addictive behavior. Understanding ourselves and forgiving others is healing. Everyone has a chance to re build their lives, have faith in yourself and humanity.

It is never too late to find happiness.


PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014

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