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At Halloween, the curtain between this world and the other is thinner than ever. The bright light of summer gives way to autumn's shadows and a time of subtleties. Spirit presences are easier to sense, now that the light on our side of the curtain has grown softer.


Contact your loved ones on this Halloween


This is a fruitful time for contacting the departed souls of loved ones. It is reassuring to know that our loved ones are still there in spirit, even if we cannot see them. Many celebrities have close connections with loved one that have passed and ask them for guidance regularly. Kylie Minogue has said that she frequently feels the spirit of her former lover Michael Hutchence watching over her - and giving her moral support just when she needs it most. Likewise, Angelica Huston is very aware of the presence of her deceased father. The model turned actress has said that she often asks him questions when she is at a turning point in her life, and that his answers give her a great deal of assistance. In this way, his spirit is able to continue the role that he played for his daughter in life.


The spirits of those who loved us most like to help us through all kinds of difficult periods in our life. We may not all be troubled by the pressures of fame and publicity, sometimes the difficulties are much more physical and universal but we all need reassurance now and again. Angelina Jolie has said that she could feel the spirit of her deceased mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, soothing and guiding her through the problematic birth of her twins. In all these experiences recounted by celebrities, the spiritual presence of a departed loved one has given them strength and energy and, when necessary, wisdom.
Using a medium to contact someone whom we loved and respected in life, in order to ask their advice just as we would have done if they were still alive, is understandable. But sometimes it is nice just to know that person is still there: to spend time in a familiar presence. Our mediums are highly talented and can ‘connect’ to lost loved ones for the answers you need.
The proximity of the spirit world at this time of year is ideal for spiritual connection, we should embrace the possibilities it gives for making clearer contact with spirits whom we wish to welcome into our lives. We know they are gone, and that life goes on without them, but their spirit can still walk with us and guide us when we most need it. Call one of our gifted mediums and gain wisdom from other side.
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